On-Site Services

Learn how you can benefit from the below on-site technical services to ensure high performance and at the same time extend the life-time of your equipment.

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On-Site Services

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How to have precise and individual cuts on your automatic primal cutting line

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How to keep consistent trimming on your automatic loin scorer

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How to keep uniform products on your automatic cutting line for pork middles

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How to ensure high-quality carcasses with the Autoline Bung Dropper

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How to achieve additional revenue with the Back Finner

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How to ensure uniform, even and precise cuts with the Autoline carcass opener

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How to ensure high-quality products on your Autoline splitting saw

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CO2 Stunning System

How to have optimal meat quality with your ML-7 CO2 stunning system

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How to keep your dehairing machine in an excellent and efficient shape

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FWAL 150

How to have optimal flow and closely sealed products on your FWAL 150

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How to keep an accurate scoring on your automatic loin scorer

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