Repair & Refurbishment

Our repair centers specialize in:

  • Inspection, testing and analysis of equipment and spare parts
  • Refurbishment programs
  • Customized parts
  • Repair

Add new life to your equipment

Our repair centers are ready to bring new life to your valuable equipment. Highly competent technicians carry out analysis and repair of broken parts and equipment. They manufacture our hand tools and customized parts as well as restoring old equipment to new condition through our refurbishment programs.

Restored equipment is thoroughly tested and inspected before being returned to operation. By leaving your equipment in the hands of the experts who built it, you will benefit from efficient and safe operation, optimized equipment performance and extended product lifetime.

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Service & Maintenance

Frontmatec offers a complete range of highly professional and flexible after sales services.

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Resource & Product Management

Our management programs ensure that your equipment runs efficiently and performs at its best.

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Upgrades & Rebuilds

We can help you with upgrades and rebuilds of your entire production line, from single machines and processing lines, to IT-related issues.

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Technical Support

Our highly skilled support team is ready to assist you in technical matters, such as online support, item search and diagnostics.

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Frontmatec develops automation solutions for industries such as the red meat industry, manufacturing and the utility industry.

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