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At Frontmatec we are very experienced in building SCADA systems. Both complete surveillance systems, which often requires solutions of high complexity and solutions where huge amounts of data must be collected and presented in a user-friendly way. Our solutions give you the following benefits:

  • Extensive routine in the construction of plant, both when it comes to complete monitoring and in the utilities industry, which requires huge amounts of data
  • Solutions for many different kinds of requirements
  • Strong competencies in all of the biggest products, including System 2000, Ifix, WinCC, IGSS, Intouch, FTview.
  • Frontmatec partnership with suppliers of the above-mentioned products
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Integration with existing systems, e,g, administrative systems, mobile solutions and ERP systems.
  • Flexible solutions that meet the customers' diverse needs
  • Get only one overall system

One system for control and monitoring

SCADA is a common term for an overall system for controlling and monitoring your automated installation. There may be many different devices attached to your completed system, but the typical components are one or more PLCs as well as a SCADA system, where the PLC controls the process itself. However, the PLC does not have any interface and therefore the SCADA system becomes your interface for the process. The SCADA collects information from the PLCs and a number of clients that are your access to the process.

At Frontmatec we are experienced in building SCADA systems. Both systems for complete surveillance, which often requires solutions of high complexity and advanced solutions where huge amounts of data must be collected and presented in a user-friendly way. With today's possibilities for wireless communication, we try to make the SCADA system to one of the customer's primary tools that can be used anywhere and anytime.

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SCADA solutions

Frontmatec SCADA solutions - S2

At Frontmatec we offer our customers a wide range of solutions within SCADA. We have partnered with a wide range of SCADA solution developers but have also developed our own SCADA solution, S2

S2 was previously called System 2000. Although the system has been renamed, it is still the same well-known and robust SCADA system that you meet. The system is an integrated modular software concept focusing on future requirements for SCADA, which, in addition to the graphical user interface, contains database and network facilities. S2 is based on an open platform that provides optimum capabilities for integrating all common substation types across manufacturers and forms of communication. Read more about the many possibilities in the S2 here.


S2 (System 2000)

S2 (System 2000) from Frontmatec is an integrated modular software concept with focus on the requirements for SCADA in the future.


S2 for the food industry

Improved uptime and troughput from carcass intake to product dispatch with S2 SCADA from Frontmatec.


S2 version 18

S2 is continuously updated with additions and improvements to the operating operator, system designer and administrator.



AnaMo is an independent application and a unique analysis tool, which provides management with operational insight.


S2 as a service

Den store løsning til det lille vandværk - et SCADA-system uden bøvl. Vi hoster din SCADA-applikation og sørger for at holde den kørende.

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SCADA - competencies and solutions

Utility Solutions


Frontmatec focuses a great deal on ensuring our customers’ can manufacture as optimally as possible, and we know how critical downtime is

Utility Solutions

Turnkey SCADA solutions

Get one single turnkey solution for management, regulation and monitoring.

Utility Solutions

Quality control

Ensure optimal operation of existing plants and installation of new plants with a high quality control solution from Frontmatec.

Utility Solutions

Data processing

Increase productivity with a Power BI solution from Frontmatec and gather all your data, networks, services, applications, and security in one place.

Utility Solutions


Our SCADA solution, S2, can present reports in both SSRS format (Reporting Services from Microsoft) and Excel.

Utility Solutions


With the S2 application, you always have the best features from S2 at your fingertips. The applications are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Utility Solutions

Presentation of data

With a High Performance HMI solution, you get an optimized solution that supplies you a quick overview.

Utility Solutions

Preventive maintenance

As part of your SCADA installation, S2 preventive maintenance ensures a complete overview and control of your plant.

Other SCADA- & PLC solutions

We carry out automation tasks across many industries and therefore we have strong competencies in all standard platforms. Read more here.


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