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Water Utility

Frontmatec has a strong position in the water utility industry and has comprehensive insight into the needs of the industry. We can therefore offer our customers some unique solutions:

  • Easily operated SCADA/SRO systems.
  • Intuitive and manageable user interfaces
  • Standard reference system, PLC block and SCADA symbols.
  • Optimization of energy consumption, for example with raw water extraction.

Everything in the modernization of panels, SRO and PLC systems and instrumentation

Turnkey solutions for water utility

Water utilities’ technical plants have undergone major development in line with the technological development of society and the consumer. The need for better utilization and optimal operation of existing plants has increased, combined with investments in new plants, and in production, distribution and installation. This means that there are large requirements for 24-hour monitoring to manage, regulate and optimize operations.

We offer a wide range of software solutions for the water utility industry and manage the whole process, from control specification to execution and subsequent support. We carry out automation tasks across many industries and therefore we have strong competencies in all standard platforms, e.g., Siemens, Rockwell, iFix, WinCC, IGSS, Intouch, FTview and our own SCADA system S2. S2 contains a unique suite of functions, which provide benefits in the operation of wastewater systems. The functions are integrated, i.e. they are contained in the SCADA system without adjustments or interfaces that must be maintained.

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Key solutions for water utility

Utility Solutions


Frontmatec focuses a great deal on ensuring our customers’ can manufacture as optimally as possible, and we know how critical downtime is

Utility Solutions

Turnkey SCADA solutions

Get one single turnkey solution for management, regulation and monitoring.

Utility Solutions

Quality control

Ensure optimal operation of existing plants and installation of new plants with a high quality control solution from Frontmatec.

Utility Solutions

Data processing

Increase productivity with a Power BI solution from Frontmatec and gather all your data, networks, services, applications, and security in one place.

Utility Solutions


Our SCADA solution, S2, can present reports in both SSRS format (Reporting Services from Microsoft) and Excel.

Utility Solutions


With the S2 application, you always have the best features from S2 at your fingertips. The applications are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Utility Solutions

Presentation of data

With a High Performance HMI solution, you get an optimized solution that supplies you a quick overview.

Utility Solutions

Preventive maintenance

As part of your SCADA installation, S2 preventive maintenance ensures a complete overview and control of your plant.

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At Frontmatec we cover the entire automation spectrum and develop everything from automated control systems to complete systems.



We offer all kinds of SCADA systems, ranging from complete surveillance to systems that are able to collect huge amounts of data.


PLC & Network

We solve everything within PLC technology, ranging from small single machine controls, to large complex and redundant solutions

Other SCADA and PLC solutions

We carry out automation tasks across many industries and therefore we have strong competencies in all standard platforms from the largest suppliers on the market. Read more here.

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