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Industry 4.0

Frontmatec is in the forefront of new technology and has also developed new solutions, which may bring you into the “Industry 4.0 era”.

Key benefits

  • Connect and communicate with your machines in real-time
  • Get technical assistance to support you making decisions
  • Makes simple decisions of their own

Let us join the Industry 4.0 era together

We have now entered the era of Industry 4.0, where computers and automation will come together in a new way. For example, it will be able to connect robotics remotely to computer systems which can learn and control the robotics with very little input. Fundamentally, Industry 4.0 introduces what is called the “smart factory”, in which systems monitor physical processes of the factory and make decentralized decisions. Hereby, the physical systems become Internet of Things and will be able to communicate both with humans and each other in real time.

Frontmatec is in the forefront of new technology and has also developed new solutions, which may bring you into the “Industry 4.0 era”. Our solutions make it possible for you to connect and communicate with your machines and devices while providing you with technical assistance to support you in making decisions. Our solutions may also help you by making simple decisions on their own. Said in another way: Our solutions offer great opportunities for your factory.

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Our solutions for Industry 4.0



GO.Guide is an interactive guide for your production. Secure your quality with GO.Guide through zero errors and timely orders.



With GO.OEE you will get a precise overview and information about your manufacturing speed and performance – in real time.



This system helps you reduce the amount of production changeover and increases the efficiency in the production.



GO.Reports ensures access to valuable information from production, such as quality, production progress, and performance process.



GO.WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a complete stock system, which gives you full overview of your stock.



GO.Historian provides you with vital and important information about the production, equipment and processes.



GO.LineControl gives you an adaptable production and reduced changeover time through limited manual changes.



GO.FlexClient delivers you an easy-to-use graphical user interface that is multilingual, interactive and recognizable.



GO.Pack is developed for manual packing processes and allows the operator to access a user panel via a terminal.

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Manufacturing - Other solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

Quality Control

Stricter quality control means management are facing different quality challenges. Ensure the right quality in your production.

Manufacturing Solutions

Higher Efficiency

Reduce your process costs, improve product quality, reduce downtime, and improve your overall operational efficiency.

Manufacturing Solutions

Higher Flexibility

Get inherent process flexibility in your production: fast installation, no training, support of multiple languages and a Microsoft platform.

Manufacturing Solutions

Performance Monitoring

Get direct, real-time data relating to major key performance indicators such as yield, throughput, downtime, quality and efficiency.

Manufacturing Solutions

Data Capture

Track stock levels, monitor your production lines and gain an overview of any given aspect in your production.

Manufacturing Solutions

Paperless Production

Get an error-proofing and real-time visibility which are necessary for you to produce consistent production quality every time.

Manufacturing Solutions

Warehouse Management

Get full control and visibility of your raw material, work in progress and finished goods inventories in real-time.

Manufacturing Solutions

Industry 4.0

Our Industry 4.0 solution can provide you many benefits such as improved efficiency, lower costs, higher revenues, and increased innovation.


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