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Presentation of data

With Frontmatec's latest standard within user interfaces, you get an optimized solution that supplies you a quick overview. The solution is based on the following principles:

  • Images in PI chart style
  • Limited and consistent use of color and gray image background
  • Only object animation by  alarm
  • Important analog values ​​shown with normal ranges
  • Logical and consistent image navigation and flow direction
  • Flat images without 3D effects

Get an innovative and user-friendly interface

Get an innovative and user-friendly interface User Interfaces for SCADA / HMI are undergoing major development these years. Among other things, the new standard ISA 101 has been published, as well as more theoretical materials on the subject. This is also the case within the utlity industry, where large and more complex plants need to be effectively monitored and serviced. We are, of course, at the forefront of development and have developed our own High Performance HMI (HP HMI) solution based on the theories and current needs of the supply industry.

With Frontmatec's latest standard, you get an optimized user interface that gives you a quick and simple overview of your current operating situation. Our experience with HMI solutions means that, we always achieve an effective operating environment that meets the needs of each customer. This ultimately ensures you a good decision base, control, efficiency and savings in operation.

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Products for presentation of data


S2 (System 2000)

S2 (System 2000) from Frontmatec is an integrated modular software concept with focus on the requirements for SCADA in the future.



AnaMo is an independent application and a unique analysis tool, which provides management with operational insight.


S2 version 18

S2 is continuously updated with additions and improvements to the operating operator, system designer and administrator.

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Other utility solutions

Utility Solutions

Turnkey SCADA solutions

Get one single turnkey solution for management, regulation and monitoring.

Utility Solutions

Quality control

Ensure optimal operation of existing plants and installation of new plants with a high quality control solution from Frontmatec.

Utility Solutions

Data processing

Increase productivity with a Power BI solution from Frontmatec and gather all your data, networks, services, applications, and security in one place.

Utility Solutions


Our SCADA solution, S2, can present reports in both SSRS format (Reporting Services from Microsoft) and Excel.

Utility Solutions


With the S2 application, you always have the best features from S2 at your fingertips. The applications are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Utility Solutions

Preventive maintenance

As part of your SCADA installation, S2 preventive maintenance ensures a complete overview and control of your plant.

Utility Solutions


Frontmatec focuses a great deal on ensuring our customers’ can manufacture as optimally as possible, and we know how critical downtime is


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