Lamb Solutions

Frontmatec is a full solution provider for lamb and sheep slaughtering for capacities from 100 to 800 animals per hour.

Our design expertise covers the full process from lairage to deboning and packaging in various configurations adapted to customer preferences. Regardless of the chosen solution, we never compromise on our key design criteria:

  • Animal welfare
  • Ergonomics
  • Hygiene
  • Meat quality
  • Yield optimization

Full list of categories and products

Unclean Line

Clean Line & Chill Room

Primal Cutting

Lamb solutions

Primal Cutting

Frontmatec is a world-wide market leader in designing and developing automatic solutions for lamb cutting and deboning.

Lamb solutions

Automatic Primal Cutting

For vertical lamb primal cutting, we offer a solution with less handling, high capacity and consistency in the quality of the products.

Deboning & Trimming

Lamb solutions

Automatic Deboning & Trimming

Frontmatec can provide you with fully automatic machines for deboning and cutting of shoulders, middles and lamb rack/middle flap cut from lamb.

Lamb solutions

Deboning & Trimming

Frontmatec offers a wide range of customized solutions for lamb pace and table deboning.


Quality Control

Frontmatec offers quality control tools for product sorting.

Lamb solutions


Frontmatec accessories for deboning and trimming.

Logistics & Packing

Lamb solutions

Tray Handling

Frontmatec has developed a stackable tray which has all of the best features of the standard tray used in the meat industry.

Lamb solutions

Storage Systems

Fully automatic storage for both internal and external filled trays, with complete traceability and control of the individual tray.

Lamb solutions


Frontmatec offers different packing solutions, customized to the specific requirements in each individual production facility.
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