COVID-19 update - we are still up and running

This update is to inform you of the status and mitigating actions we have taken as a Company to handle the situation with the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

This update is to inform you of the status and mitigating actions we have taken as a Company to handle the situation with the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

First, it is important to stress that we have had no incidents of COVID-19 infected employees and that our engineering and manufacturing capabilities in Europe and North America are running at normal capacity. Our facilitates in China are gradually returning to normal and should be back to full speed in the coming week or two.

We have been in close contact with all critical suppliers and we have not had delivery issues flagged to us so far.

Last week, all employees in Denmark who can work from home, were asked to work from home for the next two weeks. A similar measure will be introduced elsewhere in Europe and North America next week. The purpose of these measures is to minimize the risk of possibly spreading virus to people, who cannot work from home for practical purposes.

Wherever possible we try to section manufacturing facilities and reduce close contact such as dining facilities, to an absolute minimum.

We do not send service and/or installation teams to areas that are considered “high risk” – employees who where at such areas as they became high risk, where placed in home-quarantine for two weeks upon their return.

In general, this is in line with recommendations from authorities.

We have service and installation teams located in; Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Poland, Russia, France, Spain, Canada, USA and in the P.R.C. As such, we have been able to service most customers with local service engineers and it is our feeling service calls are being handled and that it is in general “Service-business-as-usual”.

As international travel is getting restricted, we have had/will have issues with getting certain capabilities on site with some customers. We are working with these customers to try and set up remote support via broadband networks so we can assist local teams as much as possible.

We shall keep you posted, should the situation materially change – in the meanwhile, we hope and wait for things to return to normal.

In general please use your normal point of contact with Frontmatec if you have any questions – you are also more than welcome to reach out to me at should you have any concerns.

Best regards,
Henrik Andersen

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