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The automation of production and packaging tasks is a specialist area of Frontmatec. We develop and manufacture innovative machines for processing sausage products and we own several patents. All handling and packaging machines are in accordance with the highest hygienic and modern industrial production standards.

Fully automatic and hygienic handling of sausages

Fully automatic and hygienic handling of sausages optimizes industrial workflows and decreases the risk of contamination by personnel. Frontmatec provides you with an extensive assortment of automatic separation, cutting and portioning systems:


Automatic separation of sausage strings

Fully automatic and hygienic separation of sausage strings with the help of a circular knife and sensors to define the distance.


Automatic declipping

The Clip-Ex removes aluminum clips with no loss of sausage meat and no risk of aluminum being left in the product.


Automatic cutting

The Präzi Cut slices boiled sausages, pastries, hams, jellied and cured products in a very clean and neat cross section without any corrugation or torn casings.


Cutting of small goods < 65

The automatic cutting of small goods works efficiently while adhering to the current regulations.


Cutting and portioning of sausage products > 65 up to 230

The automatic cutting and portioning of sausage products works efficiently while adhering to the current regulations.


Ultrasonic cutting of pâté

Ultrasonic slicing is a technical procedure that allows pressure-free cutting of material using an ultrasonic blade. Selecting the most appropriate automatic product handling and processing system depends on your requirements, preferences and the result you wish to obtain.

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