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Autoline Robots

Frontmatec offers a complete program of automated dressing line robots and machines under the Autoline name. The Autoline is a concept which ensures continuous uniform processing, accuracy and high-quality products.

Advantages with the Autoline concept:

  • Homogeneous processing and high quality carcasses with and without fixation
  • High hygiene levels with automatic flushing of tools after each operation
  • Easy operation and troubleshooting with uniform, user-friendly operator panels on the Frontmatec Autoline machines/robots
  • Minimization of overall noise level in the slaughter line by external motor systems

Autoline Robots portfolio

Pork solutions

Robotic Pubic Bone Cutter RPP6

In comparison to manual cutting, the next generation Autoline robotic pubic bone cutter RPP6 cuts with high precision.

Pork solutions

Robotic Carcass Opener RPO6

The Autoline carcass opener RPO6 is based on the next generation Autoline robots, performing with high capacity, precision and consistency.

Pork solutions

Robotic Bunger RPB6

The bung dropper RPB6 ensures high-speed and accurate bunging, while maintaining the highest hygienic levels.

Pork solutions

Robotic Neck Cutter RPN6

The Frontmatec Autoline neck cutter, based on the next generation of Autoline robots, clips the necks with high precision.

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