Beef Processing Solutions

Frontmatec develops, manufactures and maintains high-quality slaughter solutions along with cutting and deboning lines for cattle and veal.

Frontmatec beef solutions are:

  • Efficient
  • Robust
  • Ergonomic
  • Hygienic
  • Food safe
  • Innovative

Slaughter lines for beef solutions


Beef processing

At Frontmatec, we develop, produce and maintain high-quality slaughter solutions in addition to offering cutting and deboning lines for cattle and calves. We offer a wide range of slaughter solutions and equipment, which are always developed to meet the needs of your company. Regardless of which slaughter equipment or solution you choose, with Frontmatec as a partner, you get a flawless and reliable solution of high quality, as we are a leader in the development and production of complete solutions for the value chain in the beef industry. 

Among other things, we provide equipment and solutions for beef processing, which can help you create a more streamlined process, where all elements of your company's beef processing plant are streamlined and optimized. Regardless of your choice of equipment for beef processing, at Frontmatec you get a quality-assured solution tailored to your industry. 


Solutions for beef processing from Frontmatec 

At Frontmatec, we have extensive experience in the development and production of systems and solutions for, among other things, cattle and beef processing. We provide solutions for all stages of the production process in the slaughter industry and thus cover the entire beef processing process from carcass grading, slaughter, cutting and deboning lines to control and hygiene systems as well as logistics and packaging. 

Frontmatec's solutions for beef processing include: 

  • Effective 
  • Robust 
  • Ergonomic 
  • Hygienic 
  • Food safe 
  • Innovative 

When it comes to process steps in a beef processing plant, time plays an essential role where it is important to have as efficient a process as possible.

At Frontmatec, we are known for responding quickly and professionally when our customers face a problem. 


Beef processing solutions for unclean line 

Our solutions for beef processing are based on our many years of experience in the design, development and production of equipment and solutions for both unclean and clean lines within the meat industry. 

In connection with the unclean line for beef processing, we offer equipment for the entire process, from the cattle arriving and being stunned over chaining and transport to the other processes in connection with the preparation of each individual carcass before they proceed to the clean area. Including deboning, grading and dehiding. 

With a solution for cattle and beef processing from Frontmatec, you get: 

  • High animal welfare 
  • A hygienic and ergonomic design 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Fully integrated and highly automated solutions, including for grading and plant control 


Beef processing solutions for clean line 

When it comes to clean line, our solutions and equipment for beef processing cover the entire value chain from dressing of carcasses, which have been processed by automation machines and robots, over veterinary inspection to approval stamping, when the carcasses are passed through quick chill tunnel and finally to storage in cold storage. 

When we introduced our first automated equipment 40 years ago, it has only progressed steadily and we can now call ourselves a world leader in dressing automation.

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Full list of categories and products

Full line Solutions packages

Unclean Line

Beef solutions


Frontmatec stunning boxes are available for traditional and ritual stunning of cattle.

Beef solutions


We supply a hook relief system for top-down dehiding and foreleg fixation platforms for bottom-up dehiding.

Beef solutions

Conveyor systems

Transporting the carcasses through every process from shackling to carcass laydown in the cutting room is the backbone of any meat plant.

Clean Line & Chill Room

Beef solutions

Dressing Line

Ergonomic and optimal solutions for all processes within the dressing line area.

Beef solutions

Offals Removal

We offer a broad portfolio of solutions, from total solutions to small-scale projects; from organ and paunch removal to head removal.

Beef solutions

Carcass Grading

Frontmatec offers a state-of-the-art carcass grading system for modern beef slaughterhouses.

Beef solutions


Frontmatec chill areas are based on the latest technology and ensure reduced drip-loss, optimum chill time, and efficient space utilization.

Beef solutions

By-products Processing

Frontmatec has several CE-approved designed solutions in accordance with the EU and USDA regulations.

Primal Cutting

Beef solutions


Frontmatec offers various quartering solutions, depending on your requirements, that can optimize processes and improve yields.

Beef solutions

Pre-cutting & Splitting

Frontmatec offers ergonomic and efficient solutions for pre-cutting and splitting.

Deboning & Trimming

Beef solutions

Deboning & Trimming

Our equipment meets the highest standards for hygiene and food safety and is designed for the best possible ergonomics for the operator.

Logistics & Packaging

Beef solutions

Tray Handling

Frontmatec has developed a stackable tray, which has all of the best features of the standard tray used in the meat industry.

Beef Solutions

Storage Systems

Fully automatic storage for both internal and external filled trays, with complete traceability and control of the individual tray.

Beef Solutions


Frontmatec offers different packing solutions, customized to the specific requirements in each individual production facility.

Other solutions for beef processing plants

In addition to our equipment and systems for unclean and clean line in the meat industry and the rest of the food industry, we at Frontmatec also offer solutions in connection with primal cutting, deboning and trimming as well as logistics and packaging for beef processing. 


Primal cutting 

At Frontmatec, we offer a wide range of beef primal cutting as well as deboning solutions for beef and cattle, designed with an eye for the highest possible cutting precision as well as efficient use of staff. You always have the option of having the beef processing solution tailored to your business. Regardless of your choice of equipment, you are guaranteed a solution that meets the high standards of hygiene and food safety, where the ergonomic design ensures the most optimal working conditions. 


Deboning and trimming 

Frontmatec offers a large selection of unique, automated machinery for deboning and trimming in connection with beef processing. Our equipment ensures you perfect cuts and the most efficient use of staff. Any of our machines can be easily integrated into your beef processing plant, so you get the most out of your deboning and trimming machinery and equipment. 


Logistics and packaging 

Frontmatec offers a complete internal logistic system that connects all plants in your beef processing plant. Our systems handle automatic transport of each individual product in a flexible and simple way, where we offer tailor-made logistic lines for both empty and full vessels and packages, which ensures you full control of the destination for each individual vessel. 


Hear more about our solutions for beef processing 

We are ready to help you find the right solution for your beef processing plant. Regardless of your solution, we at Frontmatec always guarantee a solid and thoroughly tested quality product that has been tailored to your company. If you want to hear more about our beef slaughter equipment, you are welcome to contact us. 

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