Platforms for the Beef Unclean Line

Frontmatec offers a wide range of platforms customized according to different requirements and tasks along the slaughter line:

  • Wide selection of stainless steel platforms
  • Dynamic workflow where various operators fill out different positions
  • Ensuring optimal work conditions with ergonomically adjustable platforms
  • Wide selection of accessories

Platforms customized to different requirements

Frontmatec platforms are constructed in corrosion-resistant materials approved for food processing industries (FDA approved). They are designed according to the EU Platform Directive to ensure the optimal working conditions of the operators in terms of ergonomics, hygiene and safety. Based on our well-proven design concept, the platforms can be customized to the exact line capacities and fitted with a range of accessories according to application and customer preferences. The wide range of platforms includes:

  • Height adjustable - pneumatic

  • Height adjustable – air controlled

  • Height adjustable – electrical hydraulic

  • Height adjustable – hand hydraulic

  • Height adjustable – foot hydraulic

  • Manually adjustable

  • Fixed platforms

Whether it is for operator workstations, inspection or service platforms, Frontmatec has the right platform for any application in the meat plant.

Common accessories for the platforms include:

  • Knife sterilizer

  • Apron washers

  • Hand sprayer

  • Hand wash basins

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