Stunning solutions for Beef/Cattle

Frontmatec has developed a new generation of stunning boxes, paying particular attention to robustness and animal welfare.

  • Full stainless steel design
  • Plug and play
  • Highly adjustable
  • Efficient and ergonomic
  • Designed to minimize stress to the animal

Products for Stunning of cattle

Beef Solutions

Traditional Stunning box, Cattle & Calves

Suitable for cattle and calves, living weight approx. 250 to 1,500 kg/550 to 3,310 lbs.

Beef Solutions

Ritual Stunning box, Low Capacity

The capacity for ritual slaughtering is approximately 15 animals per hour, depending on fixation time.

Beef Solutions

Double Ritual Stunning box, calves

The Frontmatec double ritual stunning box for calves with electro hydraulic is a two-in-one ritual killing box, also suitable for traditional stunning.

Beef Solutions

Ritual Stunning box

The ritual stunning box for cattle is a robust, stainless steel ritual stunning box, also suitable for traditional stunning.


Captive Bolt Stunning

Captive Bolt stunning is a humane way of euthanizing animals before slaughter. Explore our stunning tools offered by Accles & Shelvoke.
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