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Frontmatec provides a wide range of professional hygiene and disinfection systems for businesses throughout food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, packaging industry etc. as well as for public organisations. All products meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency and sustainability.


Great hygiene solutions  

Good and safe hygiene plays an important role in the food industry, where good staff hygiene in particular is extremely important. For this reason, hygiene cleaning solutions are crucial, with a focus on innovative technology to ensure increased food safety in your products and process efficiency. 

At Frontmatec, we offer tailor-made professional hygiene solutions and equipment, where there is a focus on ensuring the solution that meets your industry and the needs you may wish to have covered. Among other things, we offer hygiene solutions in connection with boot cleaning and various hygiene stations, and no matter what you need, with Frontmatec as a supplier, you get a professional and quality-assured hygiene solution. 


Effective automated hygiene solutions 

Staff hygiene is an inevitable part of food safety and thus also a crucial factor in the food industry. It is important that the hygiene in connection with the processes in the food industry is high, where the stated requirements for both hygiene solutions and staff hygiene are complied with and complied with from start to finish. 


At Frontmatec, we are a leader in personal hygiene solutions and are internationally known and recognized for delivering efficient and solutions of the highest quality. Our automated hygiene solutions can in principle be used in all industries where there is a need for cleaning equipment and solutions that can ensure a high level of hygiene and at the same time reduce risks for both employees and the end customer. 


Frontmatecs hygiene solutions 

Frontmatec offers a wide range of hygiene solutions in the form of, among other things, hygiene stations, boot cleaners and disinfection systems. 

Our hygiene are approved to be used in the food industry and solutions can be implemented in a large number of industries within food, medicine, cosmetics, packaging, etc. as well as to public organizations. Our hygiene solutions are safe and can be used within the meat processing industry. All our equipment for hygiene and disinfection systems meet the highest standards in safety, efficiency and sustainability. 

Regardless of your choice of hygiene solution, you can be sure of a thoroughly tested solution that meets the needs of your industry and helps you optimize on the safety of food as well as improve the hygiene in the production process. 


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Full list of categories and products

Personnel Hygiene

Hygiene Solutions

Hand Cleaning & Disinfection

Cleaning, disinfecting and drying hands are basic measures wherever hygiene is required.

Hygiene Solutions

Sole & Boot Cleaning

Sole and boot cleaning procedures at the entrance to production areas in the food industry or other hygiene sensitive spaces.

Hygiene Solutions

Knife Holder Cleaning

Cleaning and sterilization of knife holders are essential hygienic measures in the meat-processing industry.

Hygiene Solutions

Apron Cleaning

Cleaning and storage of aprons are important hygienic actions in the meat-processing industry.

Hygiene Solutions

Staff Room Equipment

Hygienic and safe storage of work clothes and equipment is a requirement of all companies in the food industry.

Hygiene solutions from Frontmatec

In connection with hygiene solutions, we can for staff hygiene, for example, deliver effective quality solutions within: 

  • Hand Cleaning & Disinfection 

  • Knife Holder Cleaning 

  • Apron Cleaning 

  • Staff Room Equipment 

Within Frontmatec's hygiene solutions, we also offer boot cleaning system, which are specially designed for the food industry, but also for small and medium-sized companies. This solution ensures a fast and ergonomic cleaning and disinfection of soles and boots. Cleaning boots and soles are typically procedures that take place at the entrance to the production hall in the food industry and other places where good hygiene plays an important role. At Frontmatec, we provide various options for cleaning soles and boots, where you can choose between a continuous process or a separate unit such as a hygiene station located at the entrance. 


Sole cleaners 

Our sole cleaners are designed for industrial companies and craftsmen and help to ensure a thorough cleaning and disinfection of both the sole and the sides of the sole. 


Boot cleaners 

Frontmatec's boot cleaner is specially developed for craftsmen and industrial industries, where our hygiene solutions help to ensure both fast and ergonomically correct cleaning and disinfection of boots as well as boot shafts. 


Sole / boot cleaning combined with hand cleaning and disinfection 

Our hygiene stations combine cleaning of boots and soles with hand disinfection, which makes this hygiene solution suitable for more controlled access to production halls. It also makes this solution perfect for ensuring good staff hygiene for every employee and excellent time management. 


Compact hygiene stations for dual control system 

With Frontmatec's two-track Compact Hygiene Station offers many different options for companies with a high frequency of different staff. This makes this hygiene solution ideal for staff hygiene and efficient time management. 


Patented self-cleaning system for brushes 

Frontmatec's patented self-cleaning system for sole brushes ensures that hygiene stations are constantly clean through precise control - without the need for extra labour. The choice of the most optimal hygiene solutions in connection with a cleaning system for soles and boots depends on your specific needs, as well as the result you want to achieve. 


Let Frontmatec deliver your hygiene solutions 

If you would like to hear more about our hygiene solutions, or we need to help you with a tailor-made solution for you and your company's needs that optimizes and improves staff hygiene and ensures a high level of hygiene, then you are welcome to contact us for to hear more about our hygiene solutions. 

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