Hand Cleaning & Disinfection solutions

In the food processing industry, personnel hygiene is of utmost importance and starts with cleaning and disinfecting hands. With the hand cleaning solutions and hand disinfection solutions from the ITEC brand, Frontmatec offers a range of high quality hand hygiene solutions that set new standards in terms of efficiency, eco-friendliness and design. All hand hygiene solutions are in accordance with EU and USDA guidelines.

Extensive hand cleaning, disinfection and drying solutions

Cleaning, disinfecting and drying hands are basic measures wherever hygiene is required. Frontmatec provides you with an extensive variety of hand cleaning and hand disinfection solutions:


Hand cleaning basins

The ITEC hand cleaning basins are operated with non-contact systems or knee valves. The Integrated Dyson Airblade™ Wash & Dry  Tap, the Twin-Trock or Turbo-Trock enable hand drying directly at the basin.


Hand cleaning troughs

The ITEC hand cleaning troughs ensure optimal hand hygiene for several people at the same time – fundamental for smooth business operations in medium-sized and large companies.


Soap and disinfectant dispensers

The soap and disinfectant dispensers from ITEC enable hygienic and economic dispensing procedures.


Hand drying

An optimal hand disinfection can only be done with clean and dry hands. The ITEC dispenser units for paper and the air drying systems with filters are the right solution.


Control systems for hand cleaning and hand disinfection solutons

The ITEC hand cleaning and hand disinfection control systems, ensure controlled access to sensitive areas that have increased hygiene requirements. Selecting the most appropriate hand cleaning and disinfection system depends on your requirements, preferences and the result you wish to obtain. 

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