Sole & Boot Cleaning stations

From simple sole cleaners to complete shoe cleaning stations, Frontmatec provides the perfect industrial sole and boot cleaning system for every customer need. The products of the ITEC brand are internationally recognized for their high quality and safety standards. All boot cleaning stations are in accordance with EU and USDA guidelines.

Perfect sole and boot cleaning systems

Cleaning soles and boots are procedures carried out at the entrance to production areas in the food industry or other hygiene sensitive spaces. Frontmatec provides various options for industrial sole and boot cleaning in a continuous process or as standalone unit.


Sole cleaners

Sole cleaners from ITEC are designed for industrial operations and tradesmen, for the cleaning and disinfecting of soles and sole sides.


Boots cleaners

Boots cleaners from ITEC are designed for industrial operations and tradesmen, ensuring quick and ergonomic cleaning and disinfection of boots and bootlegs. We offer various boot cleaning machines for the food industry. Our shoe cleaning machines includes simple manual boot cleaning stations, as well as automatic and electric boot cleaners. Use the industrial shoe cleaner as a standalone station or combine it with other hygiene solutions.


Sole/boot cleaning in combination with hand cleaning and disinfection for controlled production access

Hygiene stations from ITEC combine sole/boot cleaning with hand disinfection for perfect personnel hygiene and excellent time management.


Compact hygiene stations as double track systems

The 2-lane Compact Hygiene Stations from ITEC offer various versions for companies with high personnel frequency.
Ideal for perfect personnel hygiene combined with excellent time management.


Patented self-cleaning system for brushes

The patented self-cleaning system for sole brushes from ITEC ensure constantly clean hygiene stations through precise control, without additional manpower. Selecting the most appropriate sole and boot cleaning system depends on your requirements, preferences and the result you wish to obtain. 

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Different types of shoe and boot cleaning stations

There are different types of boot cleaning stations available on the market, and at Frontmatec, we have a range of options to suit all needs. We have both manual and automatic boot cleaners, so there is something for both small and large businesses. Our shoe and boot cleaning stations are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and hygiene. With years of experience in supplying industrial boot cleaner stations, we are confident that we can provide you with the perfect solution for your business.


Small and simple sole and boot cleaner

If you are looking for a small and simple boot cleaner, our Boot Cleaner type 23800 is the right choice. This small and simple sole and boot cleaner ensures optimal cleaning and hygiene. Our industrial boot cleaner station is easy to use and maintain, and it's perfect for keeping your work area clean. It features rotating brushes that clean the sole and boot quickly and easily. The touch sensor in the handle starts the cleaning process, and the short cleaning time makes it very economical to operate. The splash protection by special casing keeps you safe from getting wet, and the brushes can be removed without tools for easy cleaning.

This sole and boot cleaner conforms to EU and US hygiene regulations, as well as the valid regulations of the TÜV and VDE guidelines. It has a separation of pipes according to DVGW regulation, making it very safe to use.

The sole and boot cleaner is a small and simple machine that can be used to clean both shoes and boots. It operates in two phases: first, cleaning detergent is supplied to each brush using separate spray-pipes, and then mixed with water. Finally, the shoes or boots are rinsed with water. This machine is perfect for industrial settings where many people need to clean their footwear daily. With a cleaning time of just 5-10 seconds per boot, this is an industrial shoe and boot cleaner that is very effective and easy to use.


Wall-mounted boot and shoe cleaning station

If you are looking for an industrial boot and shoe cleaning station that will save you space and energy, our Hygiene station Traditio Complete Type 23822 is the perfect choice. This shoe and boot cleaning station is designed for industrial operations and tradesmen, for the cleaning and disinfecting of soles and sole sides. The shoe cleaner comes with a hand cleaning basin for wall mounting.

This space-saving design is perfect for any business, and the rotating brush rollers with lateral disc-type brushes make it easy to clean soles and side parts. Additionally, our boot and shoe cleaning station uses less water and energy, making it more environmentally friendly. The solid hand cleaning basin is sensor operated, meaning it is more sanitary. You also have the option of adding a stainless-steel pedestal, paper towel dispenser, waste-paper basket, or soap or disinfectant dispenser to this boot and shoe cleaning station – making it even more versatile.

This shoe cleaner features rotating brush rollers with lateral disc-type brushes to thoroughly clean soles and sides, and a sensor-operated hand cleaning basin. With its low water and energy consumption, this boot and shoe cleaning station is a great option for any business or trade.

The features of our wall-mounted shoe and boot cleaning station:

  • Space-saving design

  • Rotating brush rollers with lateral disc-type brushes for optimal cleaning of soles and its side parts

  • Low water and energy consumption

  • Sensor-operated, solid hand cleaning basin which can also be used to clean small equipment

  • Optionally available with stainless steel pedestal

  • Paper towel dispenser, waste-paper basket and soap or disinfectant dispenser are perfect additions for the hygiene station


Star clean boot washing station:

This automatic boot cleaner is perfect for businesses that need to keep their boots clean and sanitized. The Star Clean boot washing station is a versatile, automated boot cleaner that is perfect for the food industry. With its automatic boot scrubber, this boot washing station can quickly and easily remove dirt, mud, and other debris from your boots in no time. Plus, it comes with a built-in drying system that will have your boots looking good as new in no time.

The Star Clean boot washing station is an innovative and customer-oriented solution for controlled personnel hygiene. It is a modular system for controlled cleaning and disinfection of soles and hands.

The Star Clean boot washing station ensures optimal hygiene for the food processing industry. With its modular design, the boot washing station can be customized to meet the specific needs of your facility. The boot washing station is easy to operate and maintain, making it an ideal solution for your personnel hygiene needs.

If you work in the food industry, you know how important it is to keep your boots clean. That's why we've designed the Star Clean boot washing station. With our boot washing station, you are guaranteed controlled personnel hygiene. You can read more about how our automatic shoe and boot washing machines works, and how you can benefit from it below.


How it works:

The Star Clean boot washing station is a boot cleaning machine that uses brushes and water to clean your boots automatically. Simply step onto the machine/station, which is activated by a sensor, and go through the panel to have your boots cleaned. The entire process is touch-free, making it quick and easy to keep your boots clean. With its two-phase cleaning system (consisting of water and cleanser), it can quickly and easily remove dirt, grime, and other unwanted materials from your boots.

The boot washing station from Star Clean is a hygienic and easy-to-use option for keeping your boots clean. The transparent design with lateral splash guards and separated application of water and cleaning agents helps to keep the machine clean and hygienic. The product features increased cleaning power thanks to its spiral-shaped brushes. Dirt and debris are directed straight into the bottom basin, making it extra hygienic.

After the boot washing cycle is complete, the user can step out of the boot cleaning station. The automatic boot cleaner has extra-large steps to increase safety and minimize the risk of falling when entering and exiting. Additionally, the sole and boot cleaner has safety grip handrails on both ends to allow the user to hold on while entering and exiting. At the end of the station is a hand sanitizer dispenser so that users can sanitize their hands as they exit the machine.


The automatic boot and hand washing station is safe to use and operate

The Star Clean boot washing station is a safe and easy to use and operate. This automatic boot cleaner is designed with a grid with safety handle and snap in locking function, making it safe and easy to change out the brush heads. Simply lift the handle and you can easily replace the brushes.

The automatic boot cleaner and boot washing station is designed to make it easy to change the electric components as well. It is maintenance-friendly, and all electronic components are placed in a splash-proof control cabinet. Featuring a built-in microprocessor control, this boot washer is easy to operate and maintain. From the control cabinet, you can easily control the settings and update the system.


Customize your automatic boot washing station

The Star Clean boot washing station is the perfect solution for keeping your boots clean in a food processing environment. With its extra components, it is easy to assemble the perfect configuration for your needs. The extra components include:

  • ITEC SMART CONTROL (ISL), a monitoring and analysis tool that shows information about system status, system parameters, usage data, consumption values and service. This module is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

  • Patented foam cleaning system for sole brushes

  • Extra module for cleaning boot edges

  • Motor-driven turnstile, safe in operation with wear-free mechanics.


Frontmatec offer a wide range of solutions for sole and boot cleaning

At Frontmatec, we offer a wide range of solutions for sole and boot cleaning for the food industry, including both manual and automatic machines and stations. Whatever you need, we can help you put together a solution that is just right for you.

We develop world-leading customized automation solutions for the food industry, and we are confident that we can also help you find the perfect solution. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. And if you would like to learn more about your options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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