The logistic system connects all operations in the processing plant. Frontmatec Logistic Systems handle transport of products in trays automatically, in a simple and flexible way.

We provide the meat industry with logistic lines for customer-specified empty and full trays, as well as cartons. In the process, our system offers full destination control of each tray.


Logistics systems 

At Frontmatec, we develop and deliver automated solutions within logistics systems that help you comply with important delivery times in connection with production. At the same time, our logistics systems ensure accurate and efficient production. With one of our inventory management and logistics systems, you are guaranteed a tailor-made solution that meets the industry-specific needs you may have. 

At Frontmatec, we help you optimize your ordering, packing and palletizing systems through innovative packing solutions and automated logistics systems. Our logistics systems are both quality-assured and thoroughly tested, so you get a professional solution specially developed for the manufacturing and food industry. 


Logistics systems for industry 

Our logistics systems unite all facilities in the production factory, ensuring a streamlined process from arrival to delivery. When it comes to production and delivery, time and proper delivery are alpha and omega, and with our solutions in logistics, you are guaranteed the most efficient process where time, resources or manpower are not wasted. Our solutions within logistics systems contribute to raw materials being used as efficiently as possible in relation to both orders and production capacity. 

Frontmatec's logistics systems help you shorten your response time to production and order changes in addition to offering complete support for complex ordering, bulk packaging and palletizing solutions. 

Here, our innovative packing solutions also make it possible to know and keep track of inventories at all times. 

Logistics systems from Frontmatec 

At Frontmatec, we supply logistic lines to the meat industry, where the customer-specified conditions are considered, among other things in relation to trays and cartons. In that process, our automated logistics systems offer full control over the destination for each individual tray. This means that with our logistics systems you are guaranteed a solution that handles the transport of your products in the trays automatically in a way that is at the same time simple and flexible. 

Our logistics systems solutions provide full control over your inventory, ongoing tasks and finished inventories in real time, ensuring you a comprehensive and realistic overview of your products and inventory status. At the same time, our logistics systems also allow the execution of inventory transactions with online mobile scanners, which secure information in real time. 

With logistics systems from Frontmatec you get: 

  • Correct information about the product's age and rotation 
  • Accurate packing information 
  • Correct labelling 
  • Timely orders 
  • Inventory overview that ensures no stock shortages 
  • Delivery on time 

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Full list of categories and products

Tray Handling


Full Trays

Full destination control of internal trays is crucial in every meat logistics system. Frontmatec offers complete installations.


Empty Trays

Using plastic trays for transporting the products/cuts gives great flexibility and possibilities for individual yield and process control.



To fully optimize the internal logistics of both empty and full trays, Frontmatec offers several solutions for the elevation of trays.


Palletizing Units

For the last part of the packing process, Frontmatec offers palletizing as both manual and automatic solutions.


Stacking & De-stacking

For easy and ergonomic handling, we also offer automatic and customized stacking and de-stacking units for trays.

Storage Systems


Single Tray Storage

With a customized number of shelves, we offer fully automatic single tray storage as either random or sorted storage handling.


Full Tray Storage

This type of storage operates on the first-in, first-out principle, and includes layers of conveyors next to each other with layers on top.


Empty Tray Storage - External

Empty tray storage or block storage is designed for the fully automatic handling and storage for empty, clean standard trays.


Empty Tray Storage - Internal

Stacking storage for empty trays is designed for the fully automatic handling and storage of different types of standard internal trays.



Film Wrappers

We offer you highly flexible automatic machines to pack your fresh products in trays, using stretched film.


Bulk Packing

With a focus on the ergonomics for the operator, we offer bulk packing stations in customized solutions for packing products.


Automatic Bin Filling

We ensure the highest quality with automatic destination management of each batch, including x-ray inspection for foreign bodies.



For cartonizing of meat products, we offer lines with integration of cartonizing machines, as well as weighing, labeling and control systems.



For the last part of the packing process, Frontmatec offers palletizing as both manual and automatic solutions.

Ergonomic Systems


Lifting & Tilting Devices

Lifting and tilting devices are ergonomic equipment for handling heavy products.


Lifting, Weighing & Tilting Devices

Frontmatec offers ergonomic lifting, weighing and tilting devices for different types of containers.


Trolleys & Meat Bins

Frontmatec offers trolleys and meat bins for efficient and ergonomic transportation of goods in the food industry.


Special Machines & Solutions

Frontmatec offers special machines and solutions for handling goods in the food industry.

Logistics systems for every need

Within logistics systems, we at Frontmatec offer a wide range of different solutions that meet the different logistics needs that the industry may have. Our solutions in logistics include tray handling, storage systems, packing and ergonomic systems. 


Tray handling 

With our tailor-made solutions for internal logistics and tray handling, we at Frontmatec can offer a solution for all types of meat production plants. This applies to everything from modularly designed transport systems to several different kinds of trays to sorting stations, stackers, lifts and shafts as well as lifts and pallet lifts. 

Frontmatec covers both automated and complete solutions within logistics systems for your needs in connection with tray handling. Our systems can be easily integrated into existing systems or created as a completely new solution included with control systems for traceability, order management, planning and full destination control. 


Storage systems 

Our logistics systems in connection with storage involve fully automatic storage of both internally and externally filled trays, where you also get complete traceability and control over each individual tray. With our Single Tray Storage for Full Trays, you get the following benefits: 

  • Tailor-made design 

  • Modular construction 

  • Hygienic design with the option of a semi-automatic washing system / software 

  • Elevator / crane built into the column construction 



At Frontmatec, we offer several different packing solutions, all of which are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual production plant. These solutions include, among other things, bulk packaging. With a packing solution from Frontmatec you get: 

  • Modular construction 

  • Tailor-made solutions 

  • Hygienic and ergonomic design 

  • High yield control 


Ergonomic systems 

Frontmatec offers several different ergonomic solutions that cover everything from simple lifting and tilting units to complete weighing and measuring systems. 


Should we deliver your logistics systems? 

Regardless of your industry-specific needs, we at Frontmatec can help you with the right solution in connection with logistics systems, where the requirements and regulations that are in your company are considered. Want to hear more about our tailor-made logistics solutions and how we can help you? Then you are always welcome to contact us. 

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