Frontmatec offers different packing solutions, all customized to the specific requirements in each individual production facility. 

The advantages of Frontmatec Packing Solutions:

  • Modular build
  • Customized solutions
  • Hygienic and ergonomic design
  • High yield control


Packing stations

At Frontmatec, we develop, produce and deliver a wide range of different automated solutions for the manufacturing and food industries that help streamline the various processes in your production plant. Among other things, we offer efficient solutions in connection with packing stations that ensure an accurate and error-free packing of products. Regardless of your choice of system, you get a professional and thoroughly tested solution that meets your industry-specific needs. 

Our packing stations and other meat processing equipment are both reliable and of high quality. We help you optimize and improve your packaging processes so you can ensure the most efficient process steps throughout the packaging process. 


Packing stations for use in the manufacturing and food industries 

At Frontmatec, we provide a wide range of solutions within logistics systems, one of which is in connection with packaging. In addition, we offer various packing solutions, which include solutions for bulk packaging and packing stations. Regardless of your choice of logistics systems, our systems ensure that all elements in your production plant are combined from receipt over packaging to delivery. With Frontmatec's logistics systems, you get a tailor-made system for automatic transport handling of products in trays in a flexible and simple way via our packing stations and meat wrapping machines. 

We offer the meat industry various tailor-made logistic lines for both empty and full trays as well as cartons. Via our packing stations for an accurate packing of any product, you also get the option of a system that ensures complete destination control for each individual tray. 


Frontmatecs packing station solutions 

Frontmatec offers various packing solutions, including packing stations and other meat wrapping machines. These are always adapted to the specific requirements and needs that each individual production plant may have. This way, with packing stations from Frontmatec, you can be sure of a tailor-made solution that meets your industry. 

By choosing packing solutions and packing stations from Frontmatec, you get, among other things: 

  • Modular construction 
  • Tailor-made solutions 
  • Hygienic and ergonomically correct design 
  • A high yield control 

One of our packing solutions is the GO.Pack system, which ensures that traceability and yield are handled correctly and automatically throughout the packaging process, where this is also currently recorded. The system is specially developed to help with manual packing processes in different packing stations. The operator accesses a user panel via a terminal, where the system ensures that manual processes are complied with based on the customer order. 


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Packing stations for every need 

At Frontmatec, we offer various packing solutions and packing stations that are adapted to the specific industry to ensure a solution that meets the needs that are. Our solutions in packing stations cover everything from film wrappers, bulk packaging, automatic bin filling, cartonizing to palletizing. We offer solutions, systems and meat processing equipment for any process in production facilities. 


Meat wrapping 

We offer extremely flexible automatic meat wrapping machines in connection with packing fresh products in trays, where this type of packing station uses stretched film. Your benefits of choosing Frontmatecs Film Wrapper Solution are: 

  • Cost-effective product grouping 

  • Stainless steel packing stations 

  • Easy product supply via a feeding gate 

  • Optional side welding unit available 


Bulk packaging 

Frontmatec offers ergonomic and flexible packing stations and installations for packing products in cardboard or plastic trays. This also includes balancing control. With Bulk Packaging from Frontmatec you get: 

  • Modular construction 

  • A tailor-made solution 

  • Hygienic and ergonomic design 

  • Opportunity to ensure high yield control 


Automatic Bin Filling 

With automatic destination control of each batch, including X-ray inspection of foreign batches before they are loaded into trays, we at Frontmatec can ensure many different benefits. You get: 

  • Hygienic design 

  • Flexibility in both size and capacity, so you get an individual solution for your company 

  • Low maintenance 

  • High quality and optimal sorting of the products packed in the trays at the various packing stations 



At Frontmatec, we offer packing stations and places as well as complete packing lines for cartonizing products. These are built modularly with flexible and customized solutions. With Frontmatec Cartonizing, you also get a hygienic design with a focus on ergonomics. 



With our palletizing of full tray stacks, we can handle several different types of trays, such as E1, E2, E3 and E2 performance. We also offer palletizing areas for cartons. With one of Frontmatec's solutions in palletizing, you get: 

  • Less manual handling of trays 

  • Stainless steel packing stations 

  • A hygienic design 


Get your packing station at Frontmatec 

At Frontmatec, we can help you with a solution within packing stations that meets your requirements and industry-specific regulations. Regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed a solution that helps you improve the processes in your production plant in terms of both quality, quantity and efficiency. You are always welcome to contact us to hear more about our various systems and solutions and how we can help you with packing stations. 

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