Tray Handling

With our customized solution for intra logistic and tray handling, Frontmatec offers a solution for all kinds of meat processing plants. From modular designed conveying system for various types of trays, to sorting stations, stackers and de-stackers, elevators, chutes as well as lifts and palletizers and de-palletizers.

Frontmatec covers automatic and complete solutions for your tray handling needs. We can integrate our solutions in your existing system or offer complete new solutions including control systems for traceability as well as order management and planning, and full destination control. 


Full Trays

Full destination control of internal trays is crucial in every meat logistics system. Frontmatec offers complete installations.


Empty Trays

Using plastic trays for transporting the products/cuts gives great flexibility and possibilities for individual yield and process control.



To fully optimize the internal logistics of both empty and full trays, Frontmatec offers several solutions for the elevation of trays.


Palletizing Units

For the last part of the packing process, Frontmatec offers palletizing as both manual and automatic solutions.


Stacking & De-stacking

For easy and ergonomic handling, we also offer automatic and customized stacking and de-stacking units for trays.


Stacked Trays Transport

Efficient way of transporting trays by stacking, for which Frontmatec has robust, hygienic solutions.
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