Stacked Trays Transport

Stacking trays is a great advantage when there is a need for fast transport of large quantity of equal products from different destination points to end-points.


  • Controlled transport of large quantities
  • Concept can be incorporate into existing logistic solutions
  • Space utilization
  • Ergonomic - no heavy lifting

Increased efficiency

Transporting full stacked trays that contain a product(s) needs extra attention, because of the weight and height of the stack. Frontmatec has a fully automated, robust and hygienic solution for this.

The main equipment in the stacked tray transport solution consist of stackers, de-stackers, lifts and transport conveyors. Made in stainless steel, the stacked crate transport solution can accommodate different types of trays making it particular suitable for transport of hygienic sensitive food products such as meat. 

In close cooperation with the customer, the exact configuration of the solution (single crate or stacked crate) is determined for the optimal logistic flow.

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