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Frontmatec's Veterinary System ensures efficiency and compliance in Danish Crown's Slaughterhouse

Upgrading from a slow system, the implementation of Frontmatec's GO software ensures fast performance, improved production quality, and comprehensive documentation. This collaboration showcases the impact of technological innovation, fostering efficiency and compliance in the meat processing industry.


Transforming the Status Quo

Danish Crown is globally known for high-quality meat products and being on the forefront when it comes to food safety. As a given, Danish Crown processing plants are equipped with veterinary systems for registration of health-related issues and effectiveness.

However, while equipped with an older veterinary system, Danish Crown faced a significant challenge, as it proved to be both slow and time-consuming.

"We had an older veterinary system that ran very slowly, resulting in veterinarians not always being able to input all the necessary information in a timely manner. It had reached a point where they could no longer guarantee the smooth operation of their daily activities," shares Heine Poulsen, Electrical Engineer from Danish Crown.

While other machines around the veterinarians were performing well due to focused attention, the veterinary system's slowness became a bottleneck.

The screens struggled to update promptly, and their small size hindered usability. It made it difficult to ensure a fast data entry which delayed the operational flow and made the employees even more frustrated.

"Why the need for change? Quality and food safety are the most important in meat processing, and challenges with the old system were obvious," states Heine Poulsen. "It had reached a point where we could no longer guarantee the smooth operation of our daily activities."


Seamless implementation for Uninterrupted Operations

"We had a long history with Frontmatec, and the issue with the veterinary system had been discussed several times. Suddenly, a quick resolution was necessary," Heine Poulsen explains. "Based on delivery time and price, Frontmatec was chosen for the task. It needed to be fast and at a reasonable cost."

A thorough process was unfolded, and the off-the-shelf GO software was configured to perfectly align with Danish Crown's unique requirements. "Danish Crown received a comprehensive package where they only had a few tasks to handle themselves. This simplicity played a crucial role in choosing this particular solution," notes Heine Poulsen.

Frontmatec took full ownership of the project, ensuring a seamless execution, including conducting intensive training sessions with key operators and staff allowing for building experience and confidence in the system prior to commissioning. The implementation was initiated in parallel to the ongoing production, which at the same time guaranteed an uninterrupted operation.

"Today, Danish Crown has a solution that just works! There have been no major disruptions, and Danish Crown has received praise from the veterinarians," Heine Poulsen affirms.


The Cutting-Edge Transition Innovative thinking paved the way for a great solution

Rather than opting for a new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) solution, Frontmatec introduced their cutting-edge GO software.

Thus, much of the logic has been moved out of the PLC and into a PC layer, making it easier to upgrade a PLC today. It also makes it easier for Danish Crown to choose the hardware they want to use, as solutions just need to spread across some screens somewhere.

Standardization is generally a focus at Danish Crown; for example, all screens are of the same type.

The transition from outdated screens to GO's dynamic interface has marked a technological leap, enabling Danish Crown to keep up with the rapidly evolving industry landscape.

"In the old system, adjustments were much more challenging. Today, we can simply ask for help, and it gets corrected," Heine Poulsen explains. "Danish Crown is now independent of hardware, a crucial aspect of the project."

"But the results of this collaboration have given Danish Crown a lot of benefits," Heine Poulsen states.

Fast Performance: "The old and slow solution of the past is now replaced with a rapid and responsive system. Real-time updates ensure critical information at the fingertips of the workforce, facilitating informed decisions."

Improved production quality: "More precise detection of contamination, such as fertilization or oil residue, along with pinpointing cutting errors, has led to improved production quality."

Comprehensive Documentation and Statistical Insights: "The system allows Danish Crown to go beyond simple operation and delve into strategic decision-making. Robust documentation and easy-to-extract statistical data facilitate insightful analysis and future planning."

Hardware Independency: “Danish Crown is now independent of hardware, a crucial aspect of the project. The solution is liberated from hardware to serve as a bridge for upgrades outside the system.”

And as said before, it has also given the veterinarians some benefits:

Intuitive User Experience: "The intuitive interface of the GO system reduces errors and expedited input, promoting a seamless user experience."

High Food Safety Standards: “Keep fulfilling legal requirements is easy with the new system. Compliance is no longer a concern, and the highest standards of food safety are now consistently met."

Digital Transformation and Paperless Processes: "By eliminating paper-based processes, we can lay the foundation for a streamlined paperless workflow that not only optimizes efficiency but also fosters eco-friendly practices."



"The collaboration between Danish Crown and veterinarians is excellent today – it has never been bad, but it is better today than before," Heine Poulsen remarks. "Moreover, the collaboration between Danish Crown, veterinarians, and Frontmatec has been very good."

Danish Crown feels that all three parties are satisfied. "Everyone involved in the project has been motivated, and both Danish Crown and Frontmatec have dedicated time and resources to make the project a success," concludes Heine Poulsen.

In conclusion, the partnership between Frontmatec and Danish Crown exemplifies the power of technological innovation in revolutionizing traditional industries. Frontmatec's visionary approach not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Danish Crown, but also laid the foundation for a more efficient, compliant, and agile future.


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