Visit Frontmatec at FoodTech Barcelona – Stand 28, Gran Vía, Pabellón H 4-6

Frontmatec presents innovative A-Z concepts and software solutions for the food industry at FoodTech Barcelona 2018.

Leading global supplier of customized equipment, solutions and software for the red meat industry, Frontmatec, is participating at FoodTech Barcelona 2018.

FoodTech Barcelona is the tradeshow that combines machinery, technology, processes and ingredients for the food and beverage industries throughout the whole of Southern Europe and Latin America.

As a FoodTech Global Partner, Frontmatec will have a dominant presence at FoodTech Barcelona 2018 and will focus on resource efficiency and showcase a variety of innovative solutions and forsighted concepts for production processes in the food industry.

Frontmatec offers, with locations in Europe, America and Asia, A-Z concepts and turnkey solutions for the international food industry and is especially well known for its high-quality systems for the entire value chain of the meat industry – from carcass grading, slaughter lines, cutting and deboning lines, hygiene systems and control systems to logistics and packaging, all unique solutions, which create considerable value for customers.

Visitors to the Frontmatec booth will be introduced to a portfolio of products from the entire group. On display will be novelty products, including our software solutions GOSystems (MES) and S2 (SCADA), the innovative Trim Sorting Line, new film wrapping machine FWAL-150, the 2D trimmer, Circular knives for different meat cuts, grading instruments, optimized ITEC Hygiene solutions and the Prazi-Cut:  

The GOSystems software – a manufacturing execution system for managing production key performance indicators, such as yield, throughput, quality and labor efficiencies. The GOSystems’ platform for traceability ensures constant, direct access to valuable information that can reduce losses on expired products and optimize the product age level. It also provides direct real production time data which is crucial for modern meat processors to optimize ordering, packaging and palletizing processes. You also have the possibility to see S2 – a great tool for increasing your uptime – increasing throughput for the same price.

The TSLL, Trim sorting line, is specially designed to meet the high requirements for a complete controlled management of trimmings from pork, beef and lamb, in an automatic workflow with fat analyses and detection for foreign objects.

The FWAL-150 is designed for the film wrapping of small products e.g. pork tenderloin, loin ribs or pork spareribs. This film wrapping machine is now available with an improved security system and optical security devices for optimal operator protection.

The unique Frontmatec loin 2D trimming machine was recently re-designed and technically updated. The machine measures each loin and classifies it, and each trimming is done individually. Both cross and length wise, which traditional trimming machines don’t supply.

The popular ITEC Star Clean Hygiene Station presents itself even more service-friendly and diverse in the equipment and convinces with lower cost. Hygiene stations from the "STAR CLEAN" model range enable a compelled-guidance cleaning and disinfection of the soles and hands in a very confined space.

The Präzi-Cut is ideal for cutting raw and cooked sausage, jellied products, meat loaf blocks, smoked salmon, boiled ham forms and smoked turkey breasts as well as for pâté and soft cheeses.

The clean cut of the product gives it an appealing look which is important not just for meat-counter goods. Cutting is performed exactly according to requirements. Halving, portioning and splitting is efficient and precise.

Products can be processed with diameters of up to 180 mm and lengths of 200–1000 mm. Up to 35 cuts per minute can be made depending on product content and length.

AutoFom IIITM is a fully automatic ultrasonic pig carcass grading system and the most accurate instrument in the world. It runs at high line speeds and is the only system which provides robust and accurate information about yield of primal cuts. AutoFom IIITM enables monitoring of cut-floor performance and production planning decisions on the basis of verifiable data rather than on assumptions. Finally, the equipment provides valuable feedback for genetic development.

The NitFom™ brings analysis of fat quality traits such as iodine value and individual fatty acids to work directly on the kill floor. The NitFom™ is the world’s first online instrument for grading iodine value and fatty acids in real-time – it is robust and reliable and designed for the kill floor. The NitFom™ makes sorting of and payment for all carcasses possible.

Representatives from every business unit of the group will be present at the Frontmatec booth. Visitors looking to arrange an appointment with a representative should email Sergio Ridao on srg@frontmatec.com.

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