Frontmatec offers a wide range of systems and products to supplement our solutions within the food industry.

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Carcass Grading & Traceability

Frontmatec offers a wide range of online objective carcass grading systems and automatic identification systems for modern slaughterhouses.


Carcass Marking

Frontmatec offers an automatic identification system for pig carcasses, which provides the basis for various data collection.


Quality Control

Frontmatec offers quality control tools for product sorting.


Livestock Measuring

Frontmatec offers a management tool which accurately evaluates the lean potential from live pigs in a cost-effective manner.

Captive Bolt Stunning

Captive Bolt Stunning


Over 100 year of stunning tool manufacture and development knowledge has gone into our global market leading range of tools.

Captive Bolt Stunning


The CASH® .22" and .25” calibre cartridges from Accles & Shelvoke offer a diverse range of stunning capabilities.

Captive Bolt Stunning

Cable Spikers

The ACVOKE® Cable Spikers manufactured by Accles & Shelvoke Ltd are high quality and durable safety tools used worldwide in the electrical distribution sector.
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Frontmatec develops automation solutions for industries such as the red meat industry, manufacturing and the utility industry.

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