Carcass Grading & Traceability

Frontmatec offers a wide range of online objective carcass grading systems for modern slaughterhouses. We offer automatic and hand-held systems that grade the quantity and/or quality of pig and beef carcasses.

Grading provides:

  • Accurate control of the lean content of each pig carcass
  • Beef carcass conformation and fat cover score according to the EUROP standards
  • Sorting and better utilization of carcasses
  • Fair and objective compensation to the farmers according to the commercial value of the carcass

Frontmatec also offers automatic identification systems for carcasses. Individual carcass identification provides the basis for data collection and ensures reliable carcass traceability. Our identification solutions can be integrated with a grading system, e.g. the AutoFom™, thereby obtaining numerous benefits.

Selecting the right solution is based on your requirements and preferences.

Products for Carcass Grading & Traceability


AutoFom III™

Fully automatic ultrasonic pig carcass grading system for accurate yield control and sorting of primal cuts.



Automatic radio frequency-based identification system for trolleys, gambrels, hooks and trays ensuring reliable product traceability.


Beef Classification Center, BCC-3™

New generation of objective online carcass grading system and yield prediction of beef carcasses.



Instant online analysis of pork fat quality (iodine value and fatty acids) for product sorting.


Fat-O-Meat'er II™

Reliable and robust handheld semi-automatic pig carcass grading system for control of the lean meat content.
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