Carcass Grading & Traceability

Frontmatec offers a wide range of online objective carcass grading systems for modern slaughterhouses. We offer automatic and hand-held systems that grade the quantity and/or quality of pig and beef carcasses.

Grading provides:

  • Accurate control of the lean content of each pig carcass
  • Beef carcass conformation and fat cover score according to the EUROP standards
  • Sorting and better utilization of carcasses
  • Fair and objective compensation to the farmers according to the commercial value of the carcass

Frontmatec also offers automatic identification systems for carcasses. Individual carcass identification provides the basis for data collection and ensures reliable carcass traceability. Our identification solutions can be integrated with a grading system, e.g. the AutoFom™, thereby obtaining numerous benefits.

Selecting the right solution is based on your requirements and preferences.


Grading equipment

At Frontmatec, we offer a wide range of online grading equipment systems specially developed for the food industry and modern slaughterhouses. With our solutions in grading equipment, we can help you ensure an accurate control of each individual carcass, so you get the most out of the carcass. 

As processes and needs differ from company to company, we at Frontmatec offer both automatic and handheld grading equipment systems that give you the solution that best meets and meets your industry-specific needs. Regardless of your choice of meat grading solution, we can guarantee a professional and thoroughly tested system. 


Grading equipment for meat grading 

With our grading equipment systems, we help companies in the food industry to classify the quantity and / or quality of the carcass from, among other things, pig and beef production. Our meat grading systems help you to get the most out of the production, while our grading equipment ensures that the quality lives up to the requirements set within the food production. 

At Frontmatec, we offer a complete range of grading equipment that can be used for pork, lamb, beef and other meat production, where you want to be sure of both quality and quantity. Our grading equipment is specially designed to sort the different carcasses according to your requirements for, among other things, weight and size. With such a meat grading system, you will be able to streamline production and ensure that it is produced and distributed each time according to the desired regulations. 

Frontmatec's solutions for grading equipment 

The most important thing for us is that you get the right solution for your business. At Frontmatec, we therefore offer several different solutions within grading equipment for, among other things, beef classification and cattle grading systems. We help you find the right solution based on your requirements and preferences. 

Among our various grading equipment for carcass grading and traceability you will find for example: 

  • AutoForm IIITM: an automatic ultrasonic system for grading carcasses from pigs, which provides an accurate yield and sorting of the best cuts. This system can be easily integrated with our automatic identification systems, giving you a wide range of benefits. 
  • Beef classification Center, BCC-3TM: an online grading system for carcasses and yield forecast for beef carcasses. 
  • Fat-O-Meats IITM: a reliable and robust semi-automatic grading system for pig carcasses that lets you control the content of lean meat. 

In connection with grading equipment, we at Frontmatec also offer automatic identification systems for the carcasses. These are individual systems that are tailored to your business. With this grading equipment system, you get the necessary data to ensure a reliable tracking of the individual carcass. This is an advantage as it allows you to follow the carcass throughout the process and act faster should any problems arise. It minimizes any recalls. Our solutions in identification systems can be easily integrated with our grading equipment systems. 


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Grading equipment designed to meet your requirements

Regardless of your industry-specific needs, we at Frontmatec can help you with a solution within grading equipment that meets your requirements. With both equipment and systems from Frontmatec, you are guaranteed a solution that helps you optimize and improve production in relation to both quantity and quality. You are always welcome to contact us for more information about our products and solutions, as well as if you want to hear more about how we can help you with grading equipment. 


Your benefits of grading equipment 

There are many benefits to be gained from implementing grading equipment in meat production. Basically, the right grading equipment ensures increased productivity throughout production, while the equipment can help improve product quality. With a meat grading equipment system, you get: 

  • A completely accurate inspection of the carcass, which ensures that it meets the company's production requirements 

  • A system for beef classification for, among other things, beef carcass conformation and fat score in relation to the standards set by EUROP 

  • A grading system that provides better sorting and utilization of the entire carcass 

Grading equipment not only has a wide range of benefits for production companies in the food industry, but especially also for farmers. This is because through meat grading, a fair and objective compensation can be given to the farmers in connection with the carcasses. This compensation is calculated in relation to the commercial value of the carcases. 

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Products for Carcass Grading & Traceability


AutoFom III™

Fully automatic ultrasonic pig carcass grading system for accurate yield control and sorting of primal cuts.



Automatic radio frequency-based identification system for trolleys, gambrels, hooks and trays ensuring reliable product traceability.


Beef Classification Center, BCC-3™

New generation of objective online carcass grading system and yield prediction of beef carcasses.


Fat-O-Meat'er II™

Reliable and robust handheld semi-automatic pig carcass grading system for control of the lean meat content.


Q-FOM™ Beef

Handheld carcass grading through user-friendly and ergonomic design which ensures speedy and error-free operation in-chiller and at grading stations
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