AutoTag helps automate the production line and is used for tracing carcasses, collecting data, and sorting carcasses relative to product quality using RF technology.

The AutoTag highlights are:

  • Extremely high read percentage
  • Very durable and long life
  • Readable through water, mist and fog
  • Food approved materials

Based on Radio Frequency technology

The AutoTag system is based on Radio Frequency (RF) technology and is used to trace the carcasses on the kill floor, for example from the AutoFom™ to the hot scale. When the carcasses enter the cooler, AutoTag can be used to automatically sort the carcasses onto the correct storage rail.

The advantage over labels and bar codes is that the system does not require visible contact. Another advantage is that the tags are very durable and can be reused. 

The AutoTag system can be integrated with a grading system such as the AutoFom™ or the NitFom™ for optimal use of data in the production.

The AutoTag consists of RFID tags (12 mm or 16 mm with small, embedded radio transponders) mounted on the gambrel as well as an antenna, a sensor and an ID-box/reading station.

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