Touch Panel i18

The high-performance and robust Touch Screen Computer is designed to withstand virtually any conditions.

The Touch Panel i18 highlights are:

  • IP69K - dustproof
  • IP69K - clean it from any angle at 80°C and 103 bar pressure
  • In compliance with EN 1672-2 guidelines for hygienic design
  • All-in-One - no extras!
  • Use it as an embedded computer or monitor
  • Easy installation - simply pull your standard cables through the gland
  • Food safe - made of food-grade materials
  • Chemical resistant - the stainless steel cabinet will withstand virtually any cleaning agents
  • Designed for low power consumption
  • Any parts can be easily replaced
  • Can be used for gloved operation
  • OEM/private label possibilities





Industrial touch screen 

At Frontmatec, we develop and deliver tailor-made solutions for the food and manufacturing industry that help to optimize and improve all process steps in connection with production and distribution. One of these solutions is, among other things, our industrial touch screen, which is IP69K-certified. 

With an industrial touch screen from Frontmatec, you are guaranteed a user-friendly, reliable and thoroughly tested product that helps to streamline both plants, processes and other systems. Regardless of your industry, we can provide a system and an industrial touch screen that meets your needs. 


A solution for industrial touch screen 

Our touch panel i18 is an operator panel with touch function that is specially developed to withstand the extreme environments in both the food and beverage industry. Our industrial touch screen is generally also incredibly useful in other harsh environments within production and other industries.

At Frontmatec, we have developed an industrial touch screen that is IP69K-certified to ensure a touch panel that complies with the requirements and regulations that may exist in the food and beverage industry, where naturally higher demands are placed on systems and products among other according to quality, certification and hygiene. 

Frontmatec's industrial touch screen is designed in accordance with the EN1672-2 guidelines for hygienic design. This is seen by the fact that our touch panel i18 is without sharp edges, grooves or welds. Our industrial touch screen has a stainless-steel screen that is both wear and scratch resistant. With our industrial touch screen, you get a touch panel with a design that ensures a product specially developed to withstand pretty much everything - which also has a very easy maintenance, as it does not require extra in connection with cleaning. 

Our IP69K certified touch panel is an all-in-one device for use in various industries and industries. With Frontmatec's industrial touch screen, you do not need a separate power supply or other equipment for installation. Our touch panel i18 can be ordered both as a stand-alone PC or as a monitor.

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Advantages of industrial touch screen from Frontmatec

Our industrial touch screen is a high-performance and robust touch screen computer that is specially developed and designed to withstand most conditions. With our touch panel i18 you get the following benefits: 

  • IP69K - easy cleaning from any angle at 80oC and 103 bar pressure 

  • Compliance with the requirements and regulations for hygienic design, which appear in EN1672-2 

  • An all-in-one solution without the need for add-ons or other extras 

  • Can both be integrated in the computer / existing system and used as a separate monitor 

  • Easy installation, where your standard cables must be routed through the gasket 

  • Food safety, as our industrial touch screen is made of materials that can be used in food 

  • Chemical resistant, as the stainless-steel cabinet can withstand virtually all cleaning agents 

  • Designed to use a minimum of power 

  • The individual components and parts can be easily replaced 


Let us supply your industrial touch screen 

With Frontmatec as a partner for your equipment and systems for modern slaughterhouses as well as the manufacturing and food industry, you are guaranteed professional solutions of the highest quality that meet your needs and comply with your company's industry-specific requirements and regulations. With our industrial touch screen, we can provide a solution for the company's internal systems, which streamlines your production. If you would like to hear more about our specific solutions, or how we can help you with an industrial touch screen, then you are always welcome to contact us. 

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