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Frontmatec is a global leader in designing and developing complete solutions for the entire value chain of the pork meat industry covering capacities from 100 to 1,400 pigs per hour.

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Pork processing

At Frontmatec, we are a leader in the design and development of complete solutions for the entire value chain in the pork industry. We offer a wide range of equipment and solutions, which are specially developed to meet the industry-specific needs that you and your company may have. Whatever needs you have, Frontmatec provides you with a safe and error-free, high-quality solution. 

Among other things, we provide solutions for pork processing that help you optimize and streamline all elements in connection with pork processing, including deboning, for example. Our solutions for pork and hog processing are always tailored to the individual customer, so you as a customer are sure of a product that suits your needs. 


Frontmatec's solutions for pork processing 

At Frontmatec, we are recognized for our high-quality pig and hog equipment and systems that can be used throughout the value chain in the meat industry.

We develop, produce and deliver the solutions within carcass grading, slaughter lines, cutting and deboning lines, hygiene and control systems as well as logistics and packaging. The meat industry is our specialty, but we also develop and supply the manufacturing industry and other hygiene-sensitive industrial companies with customized solutions within automation. 

We have many years of experience in the development of systems for pork processing, etc., and our customers can expect a partner who can provide solutions for all steps in the process, from the initial design phase to the subsequent sales service. We know that time is an important element and have the highest priority in these companies - we respond quickly and professionally regardless of your needs and in connection with any type of issue.


Unclean line for pork processing 

Our unclean line for pork processing covers solutions and equipment from hog arrival and stunning over chaining and transport to processes related to scalding and hair removal. Our equipment in pork processing, including within the unclean line, ends with equipment for hanging the pork carcass, grading and the final finish before the individual carcasses are taken on to the clean area. 

At Frontmatec, our solutions for the pig slaughterhouse process are based on our experience over an entire century with the design and production of both unclean and clean lines for, among other things, pork processing. It's no surprise that some of the fastest lines of hog processing equipment and solutions for everything from meat deboning machines to grading systems come from Frontmatec. 

There are several benefits associated with equipment and solutions in pork processing from Frontmatec, including: 

  • Complete solutions for the entire value chain with anything from 100 to 1,400 hogs and pigs per hour 
  • High animal welfare 
  • Ergonomic and hygiene-oriented design 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Fully integrated and highly automated solutions including grading and plant control 


Clean line for pork processing 

At Frontmatec, we also offer equipment and solutions for clean lines within pork processing. Here, our clean line covers dressing of pork carcasses and veterinary inspection for approval stamping. For dressing of carcasses, we offer automated machines and robots, which ensure efficient and fast pork processing, where the carcasses by approval stamping are first led to a quick chill tunnel and finally to the cold rooms for storage. 

Since we introduced the first automated hog processing equipment, including automatic deboning equipment, 40 years ago, Frontmatec has been a leader in dressing automation. A position built on many years of experience as well as several hundred solutions in pork processing implemented worldwide. 

Some of the benefits of pork processing solutions from Frontmatec are: 

  • Complete line solutions with anything from 100 to 1,500 pigs per hour 
  • Robot technology based on the latest technology 
  • Uncompromising design requirements in relation to hygiene and ergonomics 
  • Fully automatic cold rooms including grading and sorting 
  • Fully integrated and highly automated solutions including grading and plant control 

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Equipment for pork meat processing


Full list of categories and products

Full line Solutions packages

Unclean line

Pork solutions


Ensure a high meat quality with a stress-reducing lairage design from Frontmatec.

Pork solutions


The Frontmatec CO2 stunning system ensures safe stunning of groups of pigs with high animal welfare and hygiene levels.

Pork solutions

Conveyor Systems

Transporting the carcasses through every process from shackling to carcass laydown in the cutting room is the backbone of any meat plant.

Pork solutions

Scalding & Dehairing

Optimal scalding and dehairing is a variable measure based on customer preferences and requirements for the end product.

Pork solutions

Carcass Grading & Traceability

Frontmatec offers a wide range of online objective carcass grading systems and automatic identification systems for modern slaughterhouses.

Pork solutions

Carcass Finishing

The finishing line consists of various machines for the final cleaning of the carcasses before entering the clean area of the slaughter line.

Pork solutions

Carcass Marking

Frontmatec offers automatic identification systems for pig carcasses, thereby providing the basis for various data collection.

Clean line & Chill Room

Pork solutions

Carcass Grading

Frontmatec offers a wide range of online objective carcass grading systems for modern slaughterhouses.

Pork solutions

AiRA Robots

The Frontmatec AiRA robots are a series of dressing line robots which ensures uniform processing, accuracy and high-quality products.

Pork solutions

Autoline Machines

The Frontmatec Autoline machines are the latest generations of fixed frame automated machines. They secure automated, high-quality, accurate and uniform processing.

Pork solutions

Platforms & Equipment

Ergonomic work stations and equipment allow operators to work efficiently and safely without compromising hygiene and yield.

Pork solutions

Conveyor systems

With the Duoplan multi-purpose system conveyor as the main transport conveyor along with several other conveyor types, Frontmatec can offer a conveyor for any need within the clean and chill areas.

Pork solutions


Frontmatec chill areas are based on the latest technology and ensure reduced drip-loss, optimum chill time, and efficient space utilization.

Primal Cutting

Pork solutions


We offer automatic laydown solutions with high-speed and customized solutions for different types of gambrels or hooks.

Pork solutions

Primal Cutting

Frontmatec offers a wide range of products for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic cutting of pork.

Pork solutions

Automatic Primal Cutting

Frontmatec offers various equipment solutions for Automatic Primal Cutting, which are designed to meet the highest standards on the market.

Pork solutions

Transport of Primals

Frontmatec offers several solutions for the transport of the primal cuts depending on the requirements of the customer.

Deboning & Trimming

Pork solutions

Automatic Deboning & Trimming

Frontmatec offers various automatic equipment solutions within the area of deboning and trimming.

Pork solutions

Deboning & Trimming

Frontmatec offers various equipment solutions within the area of deboning and trimming.

Pork solutions

Hand Tools

Frontmatec offers various hand tool equipment for deboning and trimming.

Logistics & Packaging

Pork solutions

Tray Handling

Frontmatec has developed a stackable tray which has all of the best features of the standard tray used in the meat industry.

Pork solutions

Storage Systems

Fully automatic storage for both internal and external filled trays, with complete traceability and control of the individual tray.

Pork solutions


Frontmatec offers different packing solutions, customized to the specific requirements in each individual production facility.

Pork processing equipment that ensures high efficiency

Our equipment for pork processing has been developed with an eye to ensure you the best possible yield, optimal product utilization and better traceability. This is true whether it is deboning, grading or trimming. All our solutions for pig slaughterhouse process are supported by intelligent and user-friendly software that helps you to optimize the maximum use of the carcasses, ensure a high processing efficiency and to minimize work-related injuries of your employees. 


Primal cutting 

Frontmatec cutting solutions for pork processing are designed with the highest possible cutting precision and the most efficient use of staff, while our solutions meet the highest standard of hygiene and safety. You get: 

  • Minimal manual product handling 

  • Rotation at operators 

  • Uniform products 

  • A short introductory period for new operators 

  • Improved yield optimization 

  • Production rate determined by pace 

  • Easy cleaning access 


Deboning and trimming 

Frontmatec is the world's leading manufacturer of automatic solutions for pork processing such as deboning and trimming. We offer unique pig slaughter machinery, including our meat deboning machine, which ensures perfect cuts, while saving labour at the same time. The automated pig slaughter machines and hog processing equipment can be easily integrated as part of your tailor-made solution for cutting and deboning line. Our hog processing equipment is designed to meet the highest standards in food safety, yield and hygiene. 


Logistics and packaging 

Our logistic system connects all work processes in your company's processing plant. Frontmatec's logistic systems handle the transport of products automatically in a simple and flexible way. We supply logistic lines to the meat industry that are customized in relation to empty and full trays and packages. With our logistic systems for pork processing, you get the opportunity for full destination control of each individual tray. 


Let Frontmatec deliver your solution for pork processing 

At Frontmatec, we are ready to help you find the right solution for your company's pork processing. In relation to all parts of the pork slaughter process, we guarantee a solid and thoroughly tested solution tailored to your industry. You are always welcome to contact us for more info. 

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