Frontmatec offers a complete program of AIRA dressing line robots. The AIRA robots is a concept based on more than 20 years of R&D in the engineering of automated processing.

Advantages with the AIRA robots:

  • Homogeneous processing and high-quality carcasses with and without fixation
  • High hygiene levels with automatic cleaning and disinfection of tools after each operation
  • Easy operation and troubleshooting with uniform, user-friendly operator panels on the Frontmatec AIRA robots
  • Minimum noise emission in the slaughter line by using specially developed cutting tools and external motor systems


Meat processing equipment 

At Frontmatec, we offer a wide range of solutions for the food industry both in connection with production and distribution. With our solutions, we can help you streamline all steps in the production process, just as we can also help optimize and improve processes. Likewise, we also offer a complete program consisting of AIRA robots that are efficient meat processing equipment. 

By letting Frontmatec provide your meat processing equipment, you are guaranteed high-quality professional equipment. All our meat processing products are thoroughly tested, so you can be sure that everything is in order. Our industrial meat processing equipment can be used for both pig, lamb and cattle production and tailored to your and the company's specific needs. 


Meat processing equipment for the food industry 

At Frontmatec, we know that when it comes to processes related to meat processing in the food industry, the many processes are different from each other, which is why they naturally also require their own equipment. It is imperative that the right machinery and equipment is used for each step in the process, and that this works optimally. That is why we at Frontmatec specialize in meat processing equipment so that we can offer solutions that meet the industry's specific needs and requirements. 

Our solutions in food automation and industrial meat processing equipment cover everything from IT systems to the use of robotics in meat production. Here we provide a system that can be used for all elements of the production process, from hygiene, control and logistics to meat processing equipment for all tasks in connection with meat processing. 

We therefore also develop a wide range of tailor-made solutions for food automation in the food industry. One of these solutions is, among other things, our AIRA Robots, which ensure high accuracy in every step of the process as well as an end product of the highest quality. 

Meat processing equipment from Frontmatec 

Our portfolio of meat processing equipment covers a wide range of solutions to suit all needs in the food industry. Through this, we can ensure you a solution that is adapted to your industry and needs, so you get the most optimal system for food processing manufacturing. At Frontmatec, we thus offer meat processing equipment for every process step in connection with meat processing. 

You will find solutions such as: 

  • AIRA RBD Bung Dropper, which ensures high speed and accurate punching, while maintaining a high level of hygiene. 
  • AIRA RNC Neck Clipper, which improves yield by cutting the necks with the highest precision. 
  • AIRA RMP Marking Printer, a high-performance inkjet printer. It is capable of printing any type of approved stamp etc. in the selected area. 

At Frontmatec, we offer advanced meat processing equipment, systems and software that covers the entire area from receiving live animals to delivering the final product. That is why we also supply meat processing equipment for processes in connection with, among other things, slaughter and cutting, etc. Regardless of your industry, size and product, we can provide a solution for meat processing equipment that helps your company improve the quality and value of the company's meat products. 


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AIRA Robots as meat processing equipment

Frontmatec offers a complete program of AIRA dressing line robots. The AIRA robots is a concept based on more than 20 years of R&D in the engineering of automated processing and is regarded as the world’s unrivaled leader in dressing line robotics. The AIRA robot program ensures continuous uniform processing, accuracy, and high-quality products in every step.

There are many benefits when using robotics in meat production, and it is therefore with great benefits to use AIRA Robots from Frontmatec as your meat processing equipment. Among other things, you will experience the following benefits of AIRA as meat processing equipment: 

  • Homogeneous processing of the carcass both with and without clamping 

  • Minimal emission of sound in the slaughterhouse via specially developed cutting tools and external engine systems 

  • A high level of hygiene with automatic cleaning and disinfection of tools after each process 

  • Easy process and troubleshooting with a consistent and user-friendly operator panel through AIRA Robots. 


Meat processing equipment for meat products 

In addition to AIRA Robots for food automation, we at Frontmatec also offer a wide range of other meat processing equipment in connection with robotics in food processing. Equipment that can be used in, among other things, mowing as well as grading and traceability in connection with the carcass. In addition, we also supply meat processing equipment for several different needs in both pig and cattle production. 

Regardless of your company's needs, with meat processing equipment from Frontmatec, you are guaranteed a solution tailored to your needs. Our solutions help to optimize both yield, quality and other necessary factors across the board in meat production, where at the same time there is a focus on delivering a product where hygiene and safety are in focus. If you want to hear more about our systems and meat processing equipment for the food industry, please feel free to contact us. 

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AIRA Robotics portfolio

Pork solutions

AIRA RBD Bung Dropper

The AIRA bung dropper ensures high-speed and accurate bunging, while maintaining the highest hygienic levels.

Pork solutions

AIRA RBDH Bung Dropper and Aitch Bone Cutter

The RBDH combines two operations in one robot: High precision bung dropping and cutting of the aitch bone.

Pork solutions

AIRA RHC Aitch Bone Cutter

In comparison to manual cutting, the AIRA h-bone cutter RHC cuts consistently with high precision.

Pork solutions

AIRA RBO Belly and Breast Opener

The AIRA belly & breast opener performs two manual operations with high capacity, precision and consistency.

Pork solutions

AIRA RNC Neck Clipper

The AIRA neck clipper improves yields with clipping of necks with the highest precision.

Pork solutions

AIRA RPS-S Splitter with Saw

Consistent quality split along with a small footprint makes the AIRA splitting saw robot the ideal solution for upgrades of existing dressing lines.

Pork solutions

AIRA RPS-H Splitter with Knives

Consistent quality split along with a small footprint makes the AIRA splitting saw robot the ideal solution for upgrades of existing dressing lines.

Pork solutions

AIRA RPS-D Robotic Splitting Saw - Dual Arm

The AIRA robotic splitting saw - dual arm ensures highly accurate splitting at high capacities and quality, performing high hygienic standards in each cycle.

Pork solutions

AIRA RLR Leaf Lard Remains Remover

The AIRA RLR robot is the automated solution to replace the laborious work of removing the leaf lard remains.

Pork solutions

AIRA RPH pH Measuring

Optimize your grading and improve yield with the AIRA pH measuring robot for consistent and precise measurement of pH.

Pork solutions

AIRA RMP Marking Printer (Clean Line)

The RMP is a high performing carcass inkjet printer, which can print any type of approval stamp, counting number and any others on custom defined areas.
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