Automatic Deboning & Trimming

Frontmatec offers various equipment solutions for deboning and trimming, which are designed to meet the highest standards on the market. We have focus on automation, labor and energy costs, hygiene, as well as control systems and traceability, and with the automatic solutions we offer equipment with increased up-time and improved yields. 

Products for Automatic Deboning & Trimming

Pork solutions

Automatic Cutting Line for Pork Middles

Fully automatic cutting line for pork middles AMBL-500/1100 divides the middle into belly and loin/back. The loin is also deboned.

Pork solutions

Automatic Middle Splitter

Our Automatic Middle Splitter AMDM-100 is designed for fully automatic cutting of pork loin/belly and ensures optimal, uniform products.

Pork solutions

Automatic Chine Bone Remover

Our Automatic Chine Bone Remover ASSM-100 is designed for the fully automatic removal of the chine bone and pearl string from pork loin middles.

Pork solutions

Automatic Butt Puller

The Frontmatec butt puller offers a much better control of yield by producing shoulder butts with uniform fat cover.

Pork solutions

Automatic Loin Trimmer

Unique loin trimming machine ALTL-800/1100 replaces the cutting knife, giving the option to trim different products on one machine.

Pork solutions

Derinding Machine for Loin Trimmer

For the in-line production of loins, we have designed a derinding machine BXA-434NF to integrate with the Automatic Loin Trimmer or 3D Trimmer.

Pork solutions

Automatic 3D Loin Trimmer

Unique 3D dimensional automatic trimming of boneless loins and backs. Measuring by a combination of ultrasound and a double vision system.

Pork solutions

Automatic Loin Puller 15a

The Automatic Loin Puller (ALP) and scribing system produces outstanding results while maximizing the rib, loin and belly yields.

Pork solutions

Automatic Loin Puller 15c

The Frontmatec Automatic loin puller (ALP15c) has been completely redesigned for maximum performance, accuracy and reliability.

Pork solutions

Loin Scorer

The Loin Scorer KMRS-200 is designed for automatic scoring of the skin in both deboned and non-deboned pork loins to make roast pork.

Pork solutions

Automatic Classification Unit for Pork Bellies

Automatic classification of pork bellies ABCM-100/200 is designed to sort bellies bone-in and boneless to a various number of specifications.

Pork solutions

Automatic Rib Puller

The Frontmatec Automatic Rib Puller (ARP) maximizes yield and produces a much more consistent final product.

Pork solutions

Automatic Belly Trimmer

The Automatic Belly Trimmer is a high capacity machine designed to maximize value and yields and to ensure a consistent final product.

Pork solutions

Robotic Belly Trimmer

The RBT combines robotics and innovative tooling with the ABT strength such as Value Grading®, giving now the added ability to bevel the teat and back sides of the bellies.

Pork solutions

Autoline Chine Bone Saw

With the Autoline chine bone saw, high yield and easy deboning at a high capacity is ensured by consistent sawing precision.

Pork solutions

Belly Single Rib Remover

Robotic automatically removal of pork single ribs from bellies has been developed in cooperation with the Danish Meat Research Institute.
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