Automatic Primal Cutting of pigs

Frontmatec offers various equipment solutions for Automatic Primal Cutting, which are designed to meet the highest standards on the market. We have focus on automation, labor and energy costs, hygiene, as well as control systems and traceability, and with the automatic solutions we offer equipment with increased up-time and improved yields. 

Equipment for Automatic Primal Cutting of pigs

Pork solutions

Automatic Hind Feet Cutting

The Automatic Hind Foot cutting ABSA-800 ensures a perfect cut of the pork hind feet, installed on an automated laying down conveyor.

Pork solutions

Automatic Primal Cutting Line (EU)

The Automatic Primal Cutting AGOL-600/800/1100 offers precise and individual cuts of each pork carcass through measurement of the pork carcass.

Pork solutions

Automatic Primal Cutting Line

The primal cutting line is for capacities between 100 and 1,500 pigs per hour and with the possibility of handling carcass deviations.

Pork solutions

Automatic Main Table

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the AMT produces accurate shoulder and ham cuts, which facilitate every further processing steps while providing extreme customer adjustability to market demands.
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