Stunning of pigs

Humane handling and stunning of pigs is essential for a high quality end product. Frontmatec offers a broad stunning program of CO2 stunners ensuring the highest animal welfare handling as well as a range of captive bolt stunners for emergency slaughtering. Ergonomic shackling using the Frontmatec shackling device takes the strain off the operators. With a high grade blood collection system, customers can benefit from an additional revenue stream.

Products for Stunning of pigs

Pork solutions

Automatic Runway

Combining the automated runway system with the Frontmatec CO2 stunning system will improve productivity and animal welfare.

Pork solutions

CO2 Stunning System

The Frontmatec CO2 stunning system ensures safe stunning of groups of pigs with high animal welfare and hygiene levels.

Pork solutions


From the CO2 stunner, the Frontmatec shackling table and shackling device ensures fast shackling of the pigs.

Pork solutions

Blood Collection

With the Frontmatec blood processing system, blood can be utilized as a valuable resource for additional revenue.

Captive Bolt Stunning

Accles & Shelvoke manufacturer precision engineered captive bolt stunners, spare parts and cartridges. The Accles & Shelvoke CASH® range of captive bolt stunners are used across the world in meat production industries in varied situations.
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