Frontmatec Business Intelligence Services

Frontmatec BIS helps customers with Business Intelligence (BI) tools and services as well as domain-specific knowledge within the field of automation.

With a good BI setup, you can spend less time figuring out your data and unleash your business potential by:

  • Faster decision-making for operation and management
  • Better understanding of what creates value
  • A better understanding of operational problems – where should our focus be?
  • A better control of the operation and central corporate and business functions
  • Reduced technology focus – the technical platform is managed by Frontmatec

Frontmatec BIS - Data Culture and Digital Transformation


With Frontmatec Business Intelligence Service (Frontmatec BIS) we offer a modern data infrastructure and data management system for complex analytical needs.

Frontmatec develops, manages, and operates a turnkey Business Intelligence service on top of the latest Microsoft cloud technology. We use open standards and industry-leading technologies, methodologies, and well-proven principles.

As a production company, you can now already begin to roll out a data culture and digital transformation and open the way for insights that, so far, have been out of reach.


Improved Data Quality

Sufficient data quality is a vital prerequisite when making informed decisions, based on data analysis. Having exceptional data quality will both ensure the credibility and reliability of the analysis.

To ensure a sufficient data quality, Frontmatec BIS uses the latest machine learning algorithms, technical know-how and statistical measures to process data in multiple steps, preparing the data for analysis. These processing steps involves, a technical validation of data, anomaly detection and missing data imputation.


Energy, Climate, and Health

Your organization has CO2 neutrality on the agenda. It is a driver to a better climate and it also minimizes energy expenses.

A firm understanding of energy-consuming and producing activities and processes can be an important first step before you begin to carry out interventions that help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce costs.

Frontmatec BIS collects emission data from within the organization's own control – direct emission. These emission data are bound to industry-specific activities and processes, and directly applicable for carbon accounting.
With deep insight into your company data, you are now able to reduce your carbon footprint.


Optimize and Streamline your Operation

An intelligent alarm analysis does not only describe alarms as primitive alarm counters, but it also measures and splits the alarm period into segments in the desired groupings.

The benefit is a visual overview of unwanted events that indicates conditions in the system which require operational measures. Tendency- or trend lines for a e.g. unit during a selected period can be compared with other units and make benchmarking possible.

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