GO.WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a complete stock system, which gives you full overview of your stock.

  • Achieve better inventory productivity
  • Reduce inventory obsolescence
  • Integrate FIFO in your warehouse management
  • Obtain full traceability

Manage your warehouse with GO.WMS

Minimize your inventory obsolescence and outdated items with this system which provides you full traceability on relevant articles. GO.WMS helps you automate and streamline the management of articles to and from the warehouse and also reduce the amount of articles stored in the warehouse. The system also offers FIFO and other warehouse rules.

GO.WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a complete stock system, which gives you full overview of your stock. The module handles both registration of articles, labelling, route control and warehouse management. The system can be integrated with active warehouse racks and ensure correct picking and tracking.

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GO.WMS gives you

Full traceability

The system conforms to customer and authority demands with full traceability. It is always possible to track and manage your inventory in real time.



The system provides fully automated inventory management that optimizes all work processes in the warehouse.


Reduced inventory obsolescence

GO.WMS ensures you better inventory 
productivity, shorter turnaround on orders,
 secure identification of goods, FIFO and batch
 management, fewer picking errors and
 reduced inventory obsolescence.


Higher quality

GO.WMS also makes it easier to track
 and isolate quality issues such as defects, 
deficiencies and significant variations.

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