Have you ever considered the value of 10 lost production hours?

  • Indirect wages
  • Replanning of production
  • Work overtime
  • Bad customer experience

Production down time will never come back – it is lost forever. Therefore, it is always crucial to find the reason behind your production stops - fast. Our SCADA system, S2, can help you with exactly that.


Quit guessing about your production stops with SCADA

At Frontmatec, we are very experienced in building SCADA systems for several different industries that want an easy and easily accessible monitoring system. Therefore, we offer both SCADA in connection with a complete monitoring system of high complexity as well as solutions where a huge amount of data must be collected, which must also be presented in a user-friendly and clear way. 

Our SCADA system is ready to use and fits most engineering platforms, and if you let us deliver your SCADA system, you are always guaranteed a thoroughly tested and professional system that is tailored to your company's specific needs. In this way, we can best help you monitor and optimize your business. 


What is SCADA? 

At Frontmatec, we often see that production and distribution companies in the food industry experience production stoppages and lose valuable time finding out what and where it has gone wrong. Time not available again. For this reason, we at Frontmatec have developed a special SCADA system called S2, which just helps you with an overview of what, why and where - so you can find the right solution to the problem. 



SCADA stands for Supervisory control and data acquisition and designates a software system as well as hardware elements that allow the food industry the following: 

  • Monitor, collect and process data in real time 
  • Record events and save as log file
  • Control industrial processes either locally or from remote locations 
  • Interact directly with devices such as sensors, motors, pumps, valves, etc. through HMI software. 


Frontmatecs SCADA system 

Our SCADA solution S2 is an integrated modular software specially developed for the supply and food industry. This system provides preventive maintenance throughout production, while the software concept focuses on future requirements for SCADA through both database and network facilities. Therefore, our SCADA solution is also based on an open platform that ensures the most optimal conditions for integration of all public substations across both business and communication forms. 

In addition to our own SCADA system, we also offer SCADA solutions from other manufacturers such as Novotek, Rockwell and Siemens. That way, we can offer you exactly the solution that best suits your business and its specific needs. 


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SCADA solutions for the food industry 

Have you ever considered the significance of many lost production hours? How much can this loss affect? Downtime often means that production has to be rescheduled, which typically also leads to overtime. Eventually, a downtime in production can lead to an extended production time in addition to a lot of hours that you will not get back. 

A SCADA system is crucial for food companies, as these systems through preventive maintenance can help maintain production efficiency, process collected data to optimize and find smarter solutions, and report on system problems. All of which can help to optimize and reduce any downtime in production. 


Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance refers to a proactive maintenance strategy, where all equipment in your production is maintained at regular intervals to minimize the risk of operational failure, which can ultimately lead to unintentional downtime. Here, SCADA can be an effective tool for identifying the areas where it is necessary to intervene with ongoing maintenance of machines and equipment in production.


SCADA S2 solution

That's why we at Frontmatec also specialize in SCADA systems that quickly help you get started again after downtime. We offer various SCADA systems, and with our many years of experience in the field, we can also ensure you a solution that helps you in the best possible way with preventive maintenance of your production. 

Our SCADA solution S2 gives you a tool that instantly gives you a graphical overview of all elements of the production stop as well as solutions to it, so you do not lose more time than necessary. With our SCADA S2 solution, you get the opportunity to analyze the production downtime, reasons for it and the connection between the parameters that are to blame for the stop. At the same time, this solution also gives you a full overview of stop and maintenance time in relation to all equipment. 


How can SCADA create improvements in the food industry? 

SCADA uses real-time data from production units to monitor and control equipment so that production efficiency, visibility and profit can be optimized and improved. There are three parameters where a SCADA solution from Frontmatec can create improvements in the food industry. 

  • Packaging: Among other things, a SCADA solution ensures improved integration in connection with packaging in addition to better alarm capabilities, predictive and preventive maintenance as well as increased traceability. 

  • Maintaining quality standards: It is important that any food industry can maintain the standards set for quality within the industry. SCADA can ensure this through traceability, as this allows the company to follow a given product throughout the production and thereby quickly detect if something does not live up to the requirements. 

  • Overview of and reporting of process: SCADA provides the full overview of production and makes reports that the company can use to identify, analyze and optimize various processes to ensure improved production. 


Get a tool for improving processes with a SCADA system from Frontmatec 

If you let Frontmatec deliver your SCADA solution, you are guaranteed a high-quality tool. With this tool you can create an overview of all steps in the production and find out any errors and deficiencies, so you can thereby optimize the production and avoid downtime. If you are instead looking for a system to support the primary production processes in your company, we also offer MES solutions. You are of course always welcome to contact us for more information about our solutions. 

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