Frontmatec Cloud Solution

If you choose a cloud solution with us, you don’t have to invest in new hardware every 5 years. We provide the necessary resources and 24/7 security

Frontmatec Cloud Solution gives you:

  • The solution gives you more power to work with, our data center scales according to your needs, and backup is included for reestablishment.
  • You avoid major investments in hardware, software, maintenance, cooling, and extra skills.
  • Ongoing updates, monitoring, data backup, and client-based access.
  • We specialize in OT environments, and our tasks are performed when your process allows it, and you are informed

Place your application in the cloud


What does the future holds for your data and applications? Around the world, data is being consolidated in the cloud, but what are the benefits of choosing a cloud solution?

For over 20 years, we have been involved in server operation and data management in OT environments. These experiences are combined in our data center, which is primarily designed for OT systems. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about updates at unintended times, and if you have problems, we can handle the entire task.


No investment - only fixed costs

If you choose a cloud solution with us, you don’t have to invest in new hardware every 5 years. As long as the agreement is maintained, we provide the necessary resources and give you 24/7 security. Therefore, you can include the costs of operating your applications in the budget.


Data management & GDPR

All data and used applications such as SCADA and MES are your property and will be delivered when the agreement is terminated, so you always have the option to choose another solution. Sensitive and critical data is handled according to applicable laws and requirements.


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