Platforms & Equipment for conveyor systems

Frontmatec offers a wide range of platforms for safe, ergonomic and hygienic operations on the line, ensuring the best possible workstation for line personnel. A series of special hand tools developed by Frontmatec ensures optimal results on the clean line.

  • Platforms for operators and veterinarians
  • Fixed or height adjustable
  • Wide range of platform accessories
  • Steam vacuum handle
  • Leaf fat loosening

Products for Conveyor Systems

Pork solutions


Frontmatec platforms ensure the best working conditions for the operators and veterinarian inspectors.

Pork solutions

Steam Vacuum Handle

The steam vacuum handle considerably reduces the risk of cross contamination, thus improving the overall line hygiene.

Pork solutions

Leaf Lard Loosener

Reduce the heavy strain of loosening the leaf fat while increasing the line hygiene levels and improving the leaf fat quality.
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