Extend equipment lifetime with consumables

Our original consumables ensure an optimum production with your Frontmatec equipment.

With our consumables you get:

  • Lubricants ideally composed to protect your Frontmatec equipment
  • Precise cutting for maximum benefit with our blades and knives
  • Unique food brown ink that withstands both the singeing oven and the blast freezer
  • High level of food safety

The detail that completes the job

The composition and fit of our consumables will not only extend the lifetime of your equipment, but also increase your profit in regards of high performance and precise cutting of your product. This ensures you the highest possible results and at the same time secures an optimal protection of your equipment.

With a tailored spare part packages covering, agreements on lubricants, ink or our resharpening program for knives and blades,  you can ensure the high quality, right fit and high level of food safety needed for an efficient production and continued increased profit and yield.

Our highly skilled and experienced spare part and service engineers are ready to provide guidance with regards to, how regular service, maintenance and the right spare parts will ensure you a better return on your investment, keeping your equipment in original great shape and at high performance.

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