Autoline Machines for pigs

For decades, the Autoline name has been synonymous with dressing line automation. With a wide range of servo-driven, fixed frame concept machines, the Autoline ensures continuous uniform processing, accuracy and high-quality products.

Advantages with the Autoline machines:

  • Homogeneous processing and high quality carcasses with fixation
  • High hygiene levels with automatic flushing of tools after each operation
  • Easy operation and troubleshooting with uniform, user-friendly operator panels on the Frontmatec Autoline machines/robots
  • Minimization of overall noise level in the slaughter line by external motor systems

Autoline Machine portfolio

Pork solutions

Bunger APB7

One machine that manages three operations at a speed of up to 750 pig/hour: bunging, pubic bone cutting, and stick wound opening.

Pork solutions

Carcass Opener APO7

The Frontmatec Autoline carcass opener APO7 performs with high capacity, precision and consistency.

Pork solutions

Back Finner APF7

The Autoline back finner APF7 greatly improves yields with an additional gain of 200-300 g/7-10.5 oz loin and neck fillet meat per carcass.

Pork solutions

Autoline Split Saw APS7

The fastest and most accurate splitting saw in the industry. The Autoline split saw ensures a consistent splitting of pigs or sows.

Pork solutions

Jowl Cleaner APT4

The Autoline jowl cleaner APT4 is the only machine of its type in the world. It automatically removes the glands, jugular veins and bloody meat in the neck.

Pork solutions

Inkjet Stamper API8 (Clean Line)

The Frontmatec Autoline inkjet stamper API8 is designed for automatic high-capacity printing of slaughtered pigs and sows.
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