Pork Deboning & Trimming

Frontmatec offers various equipment solutions for deboning and trimming, which are designed to meet the highest standards on the market. We have focus on automation, labour and energy costs, hygiene, as well as control systems and traceability, and with the automatic solutions we offer equipment with increased up-time and improved yields. 

Products for Deboning & Trimming

Pork solutions

Pace Deboning Line

In choosing the Frontmatec pace deboning line, you get a solution exclusively developed for the cutting and deboning section.

Pork solutions

Table Deboning

Our table deboning solution gives each operator a height and angle adjustable working station and the right number of tray holders.

Pork solutions

Hanging Deboning

Presenting a completely new and efficient method for deboning of pork legs and shoulders on a hanging conveyor system.

Pork solutions

Ham Tumbler

The Frontmatec ham tumbler is designed to massage and loosen the meat around the bone while reducing the amount of labor.

Pork solutions

Saddles Table

In pacing mode, the Frontmatec saddles table holds loins in place while operators remove the fat with a loin knife or wizard knife.

Pork solutions

Back Ribs Saw

The Frontmatec back ribs saw is designed to accurately separate the back ribs from the spine and feather bones.

Pork solutions

Belly Roller - Side Ribs

The Frontmatec belly roller for side ribs facilitates removal of side ribs and increases belly and side ribs yield.

Pork solutions

Spike Conveyor

The main benefit of the Frontmatec Spike Conveyor is improved ergonomics, which helps reduce injuries.

Pork solutions

St. Louis Ribs Saw

The St. Louis ribs saw only requires one operator to place the side ribs along the guides to cut ribs to the most accurate squareness.

Pork solutions

Inspection tables

Tables are needed whenever products require extra inspection throughout the production. Frontmatec can deliver different types and sizes.

Pork solutions

Motion & Grading Scale

The Frontmatec Motion & Grading Scale provides inline weighing, grading, and data collection.

Pork solutions

Other Deboning & Trimming Solutions

Frontmatec offers several other solutions for all your deboning and trimming needs.

Pork solutions

Asuan Cutting & Deboning Solutions

Frontmatec accessories for deboning and trimming.
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