Pork - Primal Cutting

Frontmatec offers a wide range of products for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic cutting of pork. All cuts are performed by circular knives, which results in clean cuts, minimal bone fragments and an optimum yield without product loss.

We provide slaughterhouses around the world with automatic and fully automatic machinery from the first to the last cuts of pork meat. We can individually customize a solution for you.

Products for Primal Cutting

Pork solutions

Hind Foot Knife

The Frontmatec Hind Foot Knife BTSL-100/200 ensures a perfect manual cut of the hind foot, installed on a laying down conveyor.

Pork solutions

Circular Saw For Leg/Shoulder Cut

Circular saw RSLL-108-109-110 for cutting pork into primal cuts with the aid of a specially profiled edge for cutting meat and bone.

Pork solutions

Circular Knife For Loin/Belly Cut

Circular knife RSLL-301 for cutting pork primal loin and belly with the aid of a specially profiled edge for cutting meat and bone.

Pork solutions

Circular Saw for Multi Cut of Pork Halves

The Circular Saw for Multi cut RSLL-501 is a cutting arrangement with a stainless steel circular knife for cutting of pork halves.

Pork solutions

Cutting Arrangement for Neck Cut

Cutting arrangement RSLL-260 with a stainless steel circular knife, for cutting of the neck on long loins/chump cut integrated within pace lines.

Pork solutions

Single Blade Circular Saw

The Frontmatec single blade circular saw cuts off the foot or the hock safely and accurately.

Pork solutions

Double Blade Circular Saw

The double blade circular saw simultaneously separates the hock and the front foot from the shoulder by using two circular blades.

Pork solutions

Butt & Picnic Band Saw

The Frontmatec butt and picnic band saw does not require a special device to hold the shoulder during separation of the butt and the picnic.

Pork solutions

Jowl Slasher & Roller

The Frontmatec jowl slasher and roller improves the skinning process, while helping to reveal any abscesses by slashing the jowl.

Pork solutions

Shoulder Band Saw

With the shoulder band saw for primal cutting, the sawdust is further minimized, ensuring increased yield for your high-value primals.
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